2017 NFL Draft Winners and Losers


We are a week removed from the 2017 NFL Draft and after all the hoopla that it was, its time to look at what truly matters: who did the best in the draft and who did the worst? Who had a low-key good draft and who stunk up the joint? Its time for JayTezla’s Winners and Losers of the NFL Draft.

This time, we are going to break it down into three tiers for both winners and losers: low-key, high-key and finally the overall. This way we give justice and props for teams that had significantly good and significantly bad draft classes. Lets get it started


Low – Key Winner: Tennessee Titans
A lot of people might not want to admit it, but the Titans had a damn good draft. They knew going in that they needed weapons around Marcus Mariota and so they doubled up in the first round and got Western Michigan’s wideout Corey Davis with the fifth pick and then kick returner/wide receiver/ cornerback Adoree Jackson out of USC. They then we and draft some excellent 3-star talent on the offensive line, which will help create a better rotation for Mariota for certain packages. Don’t be surprised if this draft class equals a playoff berth for the Titans.

High-Key Winner: San Fransisco 49ers

You would think that new GM John Lynch and new head coach Kyle Shanahan should be arrested for the heist they pulled off in the 2017 NFL Draft. Not only do they get the pick they wanted in Solomon Thomas, but they also get an extra pick (i’ll go over that in my losers portion) that helped them jump back into the first round and pick up Reuben Foster, allowing the Niners to have a two-pronged attack on defense to build on. They also picked up Ahkello Witherspoon to bring some new blood to the cornerback position and also get C.J. Beathard as a QB to tide them over until next year where they could be picking a top five pick next year. This was an absolute steal of a draft and if wasn’t for the team I chose as my overall draft winner, the gold rush of San Fran would be it.

Overall Winner: Houston Texans

There is no doubt that Houston won this draft and not because of the picks they made in total, it’s because of this one choice: Moving up and taking Deshaun Watson. Not only was he the best QB of his class but he has played against NFL talent in the National Championship twice. He is a pure gamer and Houston realized it and risked barely anything to make it happen. Think about it, for a first round QB, he has the least amount of pressure: a bevy of weapons on the outside, and absolute monstrosity of a defense to help you get the ball back and keep the scoring down, and the chance to get the Texans past the 2nd round of the playoffs if he plays like he did at Clemson. And knowing him, he will do that and then some.

Honorable Mentions

Tampa Bay Buccaneers: Adding O.J. Howard was a primetime pick-up for putting up points in the NFC South.
Detroit Lions: Two solid Defensive pickups and some solid rotational players.
Cleveland Browns: Got three first round picks that will be instant starters and a developmental QB.
Carolina Panthers: Christian McCaffery, Curtis Samuel AND Cam Newton in the same backfield? Cancel Christmas.
Philadelphia Eagles: Great crowds on all three days and Derek Barnett is going to do wonders in Philly.


Low-Key Loser: New York Jets
This might confuse a few of you all but Rich Eisen made this point during Day 3 of the draft: New York has no QB, and made no move in the draft or the un-drafted free agency to get one. And unless you are telling me that you are going to find a two-year starter out of the bunch of Christian Hackenberg, Josh McCown and Bryce Petty, this draft was an absolute failure for them. I am not knocking the Jets pickups, Jamal Adams is a stud that will do wonders for the Jets defense, but who is your signal-caller on offense. You then further confuse your fan base by picking up ArDarius Stewart higher than people had him and pass up on Amara Darboh or any other big time receiver in the draft. New York is definitely going to have to explain this draft and their thought process over the next four years if they can’t get this to work.

High-Key Loser: Cincinnati Bengals
Okay while I somewhat understand the John Ross pickup, it doesn’t make sense because you picked quite possibly one of the frailest wideouts in the draft to a division where getting hit is like to saying water is wet. But the real question in this draft is the Joe Mixon pickup. Why use that second round pick on this guy, who has bad egg written all over him? Look I would have picked him up in the 4th or maybe fifth round, but I only call this. high-key loser because they needed to focus on weapons and o-line help, and signing 2 guys in the free agency period and one via the draft is not going to keep Andy Dalton upright.

Overall Loser: Chicago Bears

You know how the saying goes, “There are better days ahead, just keep looking up”? Yeah, the fans of Chicago better change that to years because this is by far the worst pick in the draft I have ever seen. And no, that isn’t an over-reaction or my NFC North rivalry flaring up (although I will admit, I laughed so hard that I was crying ). I went through every bit of game tape available to see why Chicago would risk so much to get this kid. And I don’t see it. I don’t see how an 8-5 collegiate career record with no winning season as a starter deserves the number one overall pick on someone’s draft board. I don’t see how a guy who was a relative nobody gets picked over Joshua Dobbs, Patrick Mahone, Deshaun Kizer and Deshawn Watson. I don’t get why you would waste so much when you just paid a back-up QB to be your starting QB. If you can explain the logic behind it tell me please.

And the setup for this is so gangster, Robert DeNiro would be jealous. John Lynch and Kyle Shanahan brought in Trubisky to workout with the Niners, sending a smoke screen to Chicago that they were going to pick him. Chicago fell for it, even head coach John Lynch didn’t even know they were going to make the pick. They then give up two picks in the draft and one in next years draft to move up one spot. To make matters worse, they draft basically no one of signficant value in the second, fourth or fifth round, leading to five busts. This was the heist of the century and watching it in real-time was glorious.

Honorable Mentions

New Orleans Saints: I’m only putting them in the losers side because they didn’t address the defense in the early rounds after picking up Marshon Lattimore in the second round.
Los Angeles Chargers: I don’t really see the need for Mike Williams, plus they didn’t get a true backup for Phillip Rivers
Indianapolis Colts: This might come off as cruel, but they had multiple opportunities to grab a high valued running back and they waited till day three to do so.

Well those are my winners and losers for this years draft. Who are yours? Comment below and let me know.



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