2017 NFL Mock Draft

We are literally one week away from the date that will officially start the 2017 NFL season, the NFL Draft. This is the day that we fans look forward to, as we see what new players and stars will be on our team and make our team go from the meek to playoff bound. Lets not waste anymore time, here is my 2017 Mock NFL Draft.

Now before we begin, this mock is who I think each team would pick based on information I’ve gotten from rumors and from mock drafts.

1. Cleveland Browns
Pick: Myles Garrett, DE, Texas A&M
Analysis: This is a damn near slam dunk. If Cleveland misses on this pick, they are damning their franchise for another seven years. While Garrett isn’t the best pick in the draft, he is the top guy on the defensive side of the ball and in a division where you are going to have a rookie QB play against Big Ben, Joe Flacco and Andy Dalton, you are going to need a bull on defense to slow them down.

2. San Francisco 49ers
Pick: Solomon Thomas, DE, Stanford
Analysis: This is also a no-brainer as they need to get a defensive weapon. While they can build up some resemblance of a roster in the draft, they need someone to surround as an anchor. Thomas is an absolute beast and will do a damn good job and be tested in the NFC West.

3. Chicago Bears
Pick: Jamal Adams, S, LSU
Analysis: While I firmly believe that interior defensive line is where the Bears should pick, this is more than likely who they will pick with the third overall pick, and it’s not a bad one. Adams is a tone-setter and his play proves not only can he rush the quarterback, but he has enough top speed to keep up with just about any receiver in the league.

4. Jacksonville Jaguars
Pick: O.J. Howard, TE, Alabama
Analysis: This is the best pick in the draft for the jags. With Howard, not only would Jacksonville have a three-headed monster, but it would allow the offense to be more open and less restrained. Jacksonville doesn’t need to focus on defense until the 2nd and 3rd round because they have three first rounders on the defensive side of the ball. But with Howard, expect him to be a touchdown machine.

5. Tennessee Titans (From the L.A. Rams)
Pick: Mashon Lattimore, CB, Ohio State
Analysis: Tennessee needs defense and they need to fix in a hurry if they wish to capitalize on last year’s acquisition of Demarco Murray. Tennessee can build on that by bringing in a true 3-down back that will shut receivers and allow the defense enough time to make a play for the team. Lattimore will bring that and then some.

6. New York Jets
Pick: Malik Hooker, S, Ohio State
Analysis: This is a no-brainer. Hooker is a great safety and has the kind of top speed and hitting power to stop third and long. Don’t be surprised if Hooker automatically starts and becomes a primetime player.

7. Los Angeles Chargers
Pick: Johnathan Allen, DT, Alabama
Analysis: If LA was smart, they would pick quite possibly the best interior defensive lineman in the draft. If LA was smart, they would pick the guy that will help them win games against guys like Derek Carr and Alex Smith. If LA was smart, they would pick the guy that put a hurting on Deshaun Watson during both National Championships. This is if LA was smart. Please be smart.

8. Carolina Panthers
Pick: Leonard Fournette, RB, LSU
Analysis: This is how you make Cam Newton an even better QB. By picking Fournette, you reduce Cam’s need to rush, allowing him to stay healthy and putting this bulldozer on the line. Fournette’s toughness will allow the Panthers to keep going and be dangerous.

9. Cincinnati Bengals
Pick: Mike Williams, WR, Clemson
Analysis: This pick may baffle some people, but this pick is easy because it does something that should have been addressed last year: reload the weapons for the Bengals. Think about it, other than AJ Green, who scares you on the Bengals? The answer is nobody and with the addition of Mike Williams, not only do the Bengals get a new weapon, it allows Dalton not to get fixated on trying to play hero ball with Green all game long, reducing his likelihood of injury.

10. Buffalo Bills
Pick: Marlon Humphrey, CB, Alabama
Analysis: A lot of analysts are picking a wideout for this pick, but if I’m Buffalo, a corner is what you need. Humphrey is a pick that will compliment what you already have on defense and his jump ball defense is first class. Buffalo would be fools not to take this guy in the first round.

11. New Orleans Saints
Pick: John Ross, WR, Washington
Analysis: I need to say nothing else than, welcome the replacement of Brandin Cooks. Not only is he faster than Cooks, but he is great on the slot, can be a kick and punt returner, and allows you a scatback option if needed. This is the perfect pick for the Saints.

12. Cleveland Browns (from Philadelphia Eagles)
Pick: Mitchell Trubisky, QB, North Carolina
Analysis: Now to be fair, I don’t like this pick whatsoever. I think they are overrating a kid that will not produce as well as his compatriots in the pros, but since I like being fair, it goes without saying this is an improvement of what Cleveland currently has. Sure Trubisky doesn’t have the numbers on his side, but he does have one hell of an arm and can move around the pocket very well. But I wouldn’t be doing you, the reader, any justice by saying that he has not been in enough games to prove to me he is a top ten pick. I just hope that for his, and Cleveland’s sake, I’m wrong about this.

13. Arizona Cardinals
Pick: Patrick Mahones, QB, Texas Tech
Analysis: Now last year I said that Arizona needs a new QB, and this year that statement still holds true. While Mahones is not a starter in his first year, he definitely can learn under Carson Palmer and eventually use that cannon of an arm to win them some football games. He ran a very high-octane system with Texas Tech, so you don’t have to worry about his ability to play under pressure. Plus his size fools defenses into thinking he can’t run but he can get up and put the ball in the end zone with ease.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (from Minnesota Vikings)
Pick: Taco Charlton, DE, Michigan 
Analysis: Philly will now not only be the home of cheese steaks, the home of tacos( I know, bad joke). But in all seriousness, Charlton isn’t the best edge rusher in the draft, but he is a beast when he hit his second gear. And in the NFC East, where all he will play is premier QB’s, everyone to love Taco.

15. Indianapolis Colts
Pick: Dalvin Cook, RB, Florida State
Analysis:  This is a no-brainer of a pick for the Colts. You want to protect your star QB Andrew Luck?  Then give him a running back that can not only run through the tackles but can split out and play receiver for you. I cannot see the Colts being so naive in a draft where they need defense and offensive playmaker, but don’t pick up this stud in the first round.

16. Baltimore Ravens
Pick: Derek Barnett, DE, Tennessee
Analysis: This pick works for the Ravens as they don’t have a true premier guy that plays the line anymore. With Barnett sliding due to motor rumors, expect him to fit right at home in the big crab cake.

17. Washington Redskins
Pick: Malik McDowell, DT, Michigan State
Analysis: Washington has no one on defense other than Josh Norman that concerns me. With McDowell, his presence will set the tone for the rest of the Washington defense and bring the pain to opposing defenses.

18. Tennessee Titans
Pick: Chris Godwin, WR, Penn State
Analysis: Godwin gives the Titans something they need desperately on offense: a big body receiver that has speed. After watching his tape against USC in the Rose Bowl last season, I became convinced that this kid is first round material. His catch radius allows Marcus Mariota to put the ball in pockets that DB’s can’t reach without penalty, and his deceptive speed will allow Demarco Murray and Derrick Henry to get up field as catching running backs. If Tennessee gets him, expect playoffs in the Titans future.

19. Tampa Bay Buccaneers 
Pick: Jabril Peppers, S/OLB, Michigan
Analysis: Lets face facts, the Bucs are going to be a force in the NFC South ,and entire NFC, to deal with. The thing that they need more than anything else is a leader on defense. And while they have gotten by without one, bringing in Peppers allows that. While having a particular position is not his strong suit, he is a gamer who can dominate at either position and win you football games against a good NFC South. Expect him to be a Pro Bowler in his first year.

20. Denver Broncos
Pick: Ryan Ramczyk, OT, Wisconsin
Analysis: This pick makes the most sense for the Broncos as they need to restore their offensive line and keep the quarterback up right. Ramzyck can do that and then some and give either Trevor Siemian or Paxton Lynch enough time to get the ball down the field.

21. Detroit Lions
Pick: Zach Cunningham, OLB, Vanderbilt
Analysis: With the release of De’Andre Levy, the Lions need to pick up Cunningham and begin to build a stalwart defense. They already have Ziggy Ansah and Cunningham will compliment him in the front seven. His ability to get to the ballcarrier and bring them down is remarkable and while he needs a bit refining of his driving tackles, he would fit right in the Honolulu Blue.

22. Miami Dolphins
Pick: Forrest Lamp, G, W. Kentucky
Analysis: Miami needs to keep Ryan Tannehill upright, and they need to do that by bringing in Lamp. While he isn’t the sexy pick most people would like, he is definitely someone who will shore up that offensive line.

23. New York Giants
Pick: David Njoku, TE, Miami Fl.
Analysis: This pick affirms the thought that the Giants are going to for a points heavy scheme this year. While Njoku isn’t in my top two regarding tight ends, he is definitely an amazing tight end that will open up the middle so that Odell Beckham and Brandon Marshall can be long distance threats.

24. Oakland Raiders
Pick: Jarrad Davis, LB, Florida
Analysis: Prior to the week before the draft, I was going to say they should pick a running back, but after the recent acquisition of Marshawn Lynch, the Raiders of Oakland(currently) have to address their linebacker corps. I don’t think Davis is a bonafide starter right out the gate, but he has the potential to be a killer with the silver and black. He has a good nose for the ball and can play the field well in coverage.

25. Houston Texans
Pick: Deshaun Watson, QB, Clemson
Analysis: While I didn’t agree with Watson not going ahead of Trubisky, this is the best position for the best quarterback in the draft to go. Watson would not only have a good offensive line in front of him, but he would also have four big weapons at receiver in Will Fuller, DeAndre Hopkins, Braxton Miller and Jaelen Strong. He would also have a defense who can keep games close enough for him to win. This is a priceless pick.

26. Seattle Seahawks
Pick: Garett Bolle, T, Utah
Analysis: This pick is solely because they need to find a way to keep Russell Wilson upright. Sure he is great running out of the pocket, but that trick only works once. With Bolle, you get a solid lineman who can protect Wilson’s blindside and make sure he isn’t speared to the ground every other play.

27. Kansas City Chiefs
Pick: Christian McCaffery, RB, Stanford
Analysis: This pick is a match made in heaven. McCaffery would do wonders at RB, and because of his skillset, you can split him out to the slot and have him as a receiver and let a bigger back like C.J. Spiller do your short rushes. McCaffery could also be a secondary option on kick and punt returns for Tyreek Hill. Christian McCaffery would be a perfect match for the Chiefs.

28. Dallas Cowboys
Pick: Obi Melifonwu, S, UConn
Analysis: Best available player for the Cowboys. While the idea of Adoree Jackson could work for the Boys, they need a game ready safety and Obi brings that all day. Sure he is not the most flashy defensive player in the draft, but he get the job done. This would help the Cowboys immensely if they picked Obi, especially with a defensive backfield that is more bare than my kitchen cupboard.

29. Green Bay Packers
Pick: Dan Feeney, G, Indiana
Analysis: Look, I would love to say that the Packers need to draft defense first in this years draft, but you can’t honestly sit there and tell me that protecting Aaron Rodgers is not their top priority. Sure, they lost major pieces on defense, but with rival Detroit Lions snagging Tj Lang in the offseason, an offensive line that had Aaron Rodgers running more than Usain Bolt will have him running like the Flash. The Packers need to fix that offensive line first, then worry about the defense if they want to contend for a playoff spot, and even the division.

30. Pittsburgh Steelers
Pick: Takkarist McKinley, LB, UCLA
Analysis: The Steelers have two pressing issues this season, and while one of them can’t be solved this season, the second, which is defense, can. McKinley is probably top five on the defensive side of the ball in this year’s draft and with the Steelers, he could be the best defensive player in the draft. His ability to close in on ballcarriers is top-tier and his speed is great in space. The Steel Curtain would live strong with him in the fold.

31. Atlanta Falcons
Pick: Budda Baker, S, Washington
Analysis: I feel like this pick suits Atlanta because while they would love to get a defensive lineman, the acquisition of Dontari Poe alleviates that need drastically. With Baker on the team, you bring a level of attitude to the Falcons that their new stadium would gladly welcome with open arms. Baker is a big safety that can level just about any wideout or tight end coming across the middle and has the ability to hang with any receiver in a 50/50 ball situation. Baker would fit right into the Dirty Bird mentality.

32. New Orleans Saints (from New England Patriots)
Pick: Carl Lawson, DE, Auburn
Analysis: This pick makes sense because New Orleans has to get out of that mode of being in shootouts every season. By picking up Lawson, you allow the defense to stop offenses on third and long, and bring the offense out to increase the score. Lawson is a big time defensive player and can make an immediate impact. His motor might be a question, but hopefully the coaches work it out of him in the pros.


And with that, those are my picks for the 2017 NFL Draft. Who should your team pick? Leave your comments down below. And come back the week after the draft, where we will go over the winners and losers of the draft!!!


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