In My Opinion: How to Fix the College Football Playoff

Starting tomorrow, we kick off New Years Eve by having not one but two college football playoff games, where Washington plays Alabama and Clemson plays Ohio State. But of course as it normally goes, around this time, analysts will debate the one thing that everyone has an opinion on: the college football playoff. Should it be expanded? Should we have eight teams? 16? But every time someone brings up this argument, they never have a perfect way of making this work where all five conferences get a fair share.

Until now.

I am going to give you an absolutely perfect way of not only making the college football playoff work, and not even remove the amount of bowls in the bowl season. Here is my way to fix the College Football Playoff system. This might piss off the committee, a couple of companies and some football conferences. But this is the best way to fix a system that’s got cracks in it.


Kill the New Year’s Six schtickny-six-660x400

Now this going to piss off a lot of people, but there are 41 bowl games, including the national championship and the New Years Six. So going by this year, if we include the Orange Bowl, that is 34 bowl games that have a team that is either not over .500 or doesn’t need to be in a bowl game. Now for my theory to work, I only need seven bowl games. That means no bowl games need to be removed, I just need the New Year’s Six gone. Being in that bowl series feels like a consolation prize, like you get a medal for being there, but we know you want to be in the national championship fight. If its me, I make the following bowl games apart of the national championship playoffs: the Peach Bowl, the Sugar Bowl, the Fiesta Bowl, and the Rose Bowl. The Cotton Bowl and Orange Bowl could be your first four out games, and it makes the Sugar, Fiesta, Peach and especially the Rose more important.


Now this is probably want you want to see more than anything else. How do we decide who gets in and who doesn’t? First, let’s get rid of the weekly ranking system, it feels like I’m watching America’s Next Top Model every week. Secondly, all five power conferences have to play the week before the final ranking and play in an actual conference championship. That means the Big 12 has to get off there high chair and create a conference championship to decide who wins the Big 12. Now that we have that officially out of the way, here is how we decide who is in my playoff:

  1. There will be eight teams in the playoffs.
  2. The top five of those teams must be conference champions from the power five conferences (SEC, ACC, Big Ten, Big 12, Pac 12).
  3. The bottom three will be the three best teams in the country, regardless of conference. The first two will be from the power five conference, the last seed will be the best non-power five conference team( MAC, C-USA, Sun Belt, American, Mountain West, Independents). That will be the only rule kept from the current system.
  4. Ranking of the seeds will be decided this order: first by conference championship, then by win-loss record, then by amount of wins against teams in the top 25.
  5. The Bowl games we will use will no longer be held by the teams that must be in it. Meaning an Alabama can play in the Rose Bowl, and Clemson could play in the Sugar Bowl.

So if we are going by this system here would be the official ranking of the College Football playoff:

  1. Alabama (13-0, SEC Champion)
  2. Washington Huskies (12 – 1, Pac-12 Champion)
  3. Clemson Tigers (12 – 1, ACC Champion)
  4. Penn State Nittany Lions (11-2,  Big Ten Champion)
  5. Oklahoma Sooners (10 -2, Big 12 Champion)
  6. Ohio State Buckeyes (11-1, 1st best Non-Champion)
  7. Michigan Wolverines (10-2, 2nd best Non-Champion)
  8. Western Michigan Broncos (13-0, MAC Champion, best Non-Power 5 team)

Now look at these match-ups. Not only would we be able to see the best teams play against each other, it would remove all doubt of teams not being able to play each other and breed more competition between these schools. Could you imagine if Western Michigan could knock off Alabama for the Rose Bowl? Or if Penn State could knock off Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl? Michigan vs Washington in the Fiesta?

Now one thing people might be mad at, including the SEC is that they got lambasted for having a national championship game in where they had two of their conference teams play for the title. And in my opinion, it was wrong, but in this system, the way the bottom three are chosen wont just be on ranking but is on their win-loss record and wins against top 25 teams. So sure the SEC may be overrated by having damn near every team ranked but if the second best team in the SEC, or any conference is 9-3, with all nine wins coming against ranked teams, in my system, they aren’t getting ahead of a team who has more wins than them. In this system, wins count first, then record vs. top 25.

Location, Location, Locationattstadiumcollegefootballchampionship

Now a lot of people are going to be pissed off about how I want to remove conferences from certain bowl games, but in this day and age, the conference-specific bowls mean nothing. Back in the early 80s and 90s sure, but in this day and age, where recruiting is boundless and teams play everywhere, those rules are outdated. Now the one thing I would do is end the season where I begin it. Every year, the national champion, minus Ohio State in the 2015 season, plays in AT&T Stadium in the first  Saturday primetime game. If I’m running the show, I make this the official site of the first kickoff game and the national championship. I say the winner of that year plays in the AT&T stadium to begin and end each season.


So that is how I fix the college football playoff, what are your thoughts? Comment down below.

Look we all know that every year, we get into debate as to how the college football playoff should go. With my system, not only does every team that deserves to be in the playoff get a chance at the title, it also builds new rivalries and allows the games to have more meaning. Besides 4 teams can’t be the end all be all of who is the best in the country, with my system, it not only makes the conference championships more important, it does something that this system or the BCS system couldn’t do: leave no doubt.



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