Sports To Watch: October 25th – November 1st

We are back with more Sports To Watch! After an incredible weekend of great sports, we are onto a new week in which we have multiple things for you to watch this weekend. We have big time football games in both college football season and the NFL, the beginning of a new NBA season, and then a special event to close out the weekend.

1. Jabril Peppers and the Michigan Wolverines are looking for revenge against in-state rival Michigan State, and Florida State battles Clemson in two big rivalry games this weekend636039212174959714-ap-michigan-st-michigan-prev

Time: Saturday, October 29th at noon, and at 8pm

Channel: ABC, ESPN or the WatchESPN app

Analysis: This is the weekend in college football that you wait for. Damn the first eight weeks, we are now getting to the meat of the season where the games aren’t against teams you may play every other year. This is rivalry week, and after last year, both Michigan and Florida State are looking for righteous vengeance .

First lets start with Florida State and Clemson who not only look to climb back into the top 5, but they also look to make sure the other is nowhere near a national championship game. And this game means a lot, because if Florida State wins this game, they can easily make the ACC divisional crown a three-way race between Clemson, the Noles and the Louisville Cardinals. Can Jimbo Fisher, Dalvin Cook and the Seminoles win vs the Tigers or will Deshaun Watson do what they want against the Seminoles?

Now lets move onto the instate rivalry between Michigan and Michigan State. Wolverines versus Spartans. Brother vs Brother. This matchup, at the beginning of the season, was thought to be a top ten matchup. But unfortunately, Michigan State hasn’t lived up to their previous season and now they look to not only beat Michigan for the ninth time out of ten years but play spoiler to Jim Harbaugh’s season. Will the Wolverines run rampant in Sparty’s hometown or will the Spartans pull off the ultimate upset?


2. Cleveland looks to rock as they open the World Series and hang the banners next door920x920

Time: Tuesday, October 25th at 7:30p.m. (first pitch), 8p.m. (banner hanging)

Channel: World Series on Fox, Cleveland vs New York on TNT

Analysis: What a time to be a Cleveland fan. Not only do the Cavs win a championship, but now their next door neighbor, the Cleveland Indians are hosting Game 1 of the World Series against the Chicago Cubs( yes you read that right). The Indians looks to steal the first game from the Cubbies, with Kris Bryant leading a high-powered offense into “The Land”.  Meanwhile, LeBron James takes on Carmelo Anthony and Derrick Rose inside the Q. This should be a good time for all.


3. The Golden State Warriors debut their new team against the San Antonio Spursdurant-curry-golde_3054343b

Time: Tuesday, October 25th at 10:30p.m.

Channel: TNT

Analysis: Now this is a matchup that could be a Western Conference Final matchup. Golden State could be facing its hardest test in its first game and everyone will be watching. Some will be watching to see if Kevin Durant can play alongside the Dubs in pressure situations. Some will watch to see if San Antonio will be a top 5 team without the big fundamental Tim Duncan. This is going to be something good to see.


5. Sasha Banks takes on Charlotte Flair in the first ever Women’s Championship match inside Hell of a Cellcux0nd0vyaeydyn-jpg-large

Time: Sunday, October 30th at 8pm

Channel: WWE Network

Analysis: Now normally I wouldn’t bring up the WWE as a sport to watch but this is something that cannot be ignored. The women’s division in WWE has gotten so big that it has not only become the main event for WWE RAW, but it now has gotten the recognition that it will finally have a match that no one thought it would ever have. Hell in a Cell. A match that has not only defined careers but has been one of the single greatest match in WWE’s illustrious history. For this match we see two women who got their start in WWE’s development league, NXT, battle over the Women’s title as fiesta boss Sasha Banks, the reigning champ takes on second generation superstar, Charlotte Flair, the daughter of legend Ric Flair. I don’t care who you have to ask in order to watch this match, this is something in women’s sports that needs to be seen.


Well those are my sports to watch, have a great week and Ill see you next week for more Sports to Watch.


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