Picks: October 18th – October  24th

So we have now gotten past what you should be watching this weekend, let’s make some picks shall we? First we are going to focus on the college side of football, then go to the pros.

College Football

Alabama v. Texas A&M

Prediction: Texas. Now normally I would choose Bama because its Bama but the Aggies defense is tough as nails to beat. On top of that, Texas A qb Trevor Knight has  beaten Alabama and do it with a stellar offense. I got this 45 – 43 Texas.

Wisconsin v Iowa

Prediction: Wisconsin big. The badgers are pissed and are going to take it out on the Hawkeyes. Wisconsin 21 – 10

West Virginia v. TCU

Winner: West Virginia. The mountaineers are making serious moves in the Big 12 and will make a serious example out of the horned frogs. 24 – 17 Badgers.

Oregon State v. Washington

Winner: Washington by 4 scores. This game is going to be fun to watch, especially if you love defenses destroying offenses. Washington is going to put a serious whooping on the Beavers and it won’t even be fair for Oregon St. to be on the same field as the Huskies. 48 – 20 Washington.

Ohio State v. Penn State

Winner: Ohio State, close. While I like the Buckeyes in this game, after watching their game against Wisconsin, Penn State could play them in similar fashion by rushing on them instead of using the pass. But it wont matter, as the Buckeyes offense will run rampant on the Nittany Lions. Ohio State 48-24.


NFL Quick Picks

Giants v. Rams: Giants by 7, 31-24

Ravens v. Jets: Ravens big. 36 – 17

Saints v. Chiefs: Chiefs in a shootout. 35-34.

Bills v. Dolphins: Bills by 2 scores. 28 – 14.

Vikings v. Eagles: Vikings close. 21-18.

Raiders v. Jaguars: Raiders rebound from last weeks loss, but close game. 28-21.

Browns v. Bengals: Cleveland’s championship city high will not work for the Browns. Bengals 35- 14.

Redskins v. Lions: Lions are clicking at the right time, will capitalize on Washington’s defense. Lions 31- 24.

Colts v. Titans: Titans will be picking Colts out of their teeth. 28- 17.

Chargers v. Falcons: San Diego’s win against Denver was cute but didn’t aspire me to believe in them. Falcons 45- 20.

Buccaneers v. 49ers: I’m sorry, even with Colin Kaepernick, the niners have no shot. Bugs 35- 18.

Patriots v. Steelers: Patriots, even without Big Ben, will have major issues against the Steelers offense. Expect a shootout until Brady gets serious. 45-44.

Seahawks v. Cardinals: Seahawks are going up, Cards are on their way down. Seattle by 3 scores, 28-3.

Texans v. Broncos: Broncos couldn’t afford to have holes in its defense and Brock is going to expose them via the pass. Expect a breakout game for Will Fuller and Braxton Miller. Texans 35- 20.


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