In My Opinion: Why Floyd Mayweather Could Lose In A Boxing Match to Conor Mcgregor

Yes, you read that title right. Hey, don’t throw your tomatoes yet, let me explain myself. For about two to three years, we in the fight fan community have heard of this fight possibly happening with multiple pundit shows discussing how the fight would go. But I’m here to tell you that while a lot of the pundits are right in saying the fight will not happen, it could be a loss for Money Mayweather. Now, I can’t just say this statement without offering some evidence, so allow me to formally explain to you in three ways why Conor McGregor would beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing fight.

1. Age and Stamina

While a lot of people hate to admit it, there is only one entity that is undefeated in the realm of sports, in particular combat sports: Father Time. And while people don’t want to succumb to this thought process, eventually everyone breaks down. And that’s where this fight comes into play. Floyd is a featherweight who is closing in on 40, while Conor is about ten years his junior. And age would come into play when it comes to not only the pace of the fight, but how much stamina Floyd has depending on how long the fight goes. And I know a lot of you Floyd apologists are going to say, “well Floyd is a model of health, he is a cardio king”. Well cardio gets thrown out of the window if you are mostly on the defensive and having to move around. Floyd, at the time of this editorial, has been out of the ring for a full year. Ring rust is real and Conor has an advantage because if this fight were to happen next year in may, Conor has fought three times inside a calendar year, giving him the endurance to deal with a fight. On top of that, Conor is also a cardio beast and has shown to have stamina in late rounds, something a lot of his critics forget. Floyd’s age, along with the fact he is going into a fight with someone who can match him with stamina would mean that if Conor is pressuring him, making him move a lot, Floyd could be gassing out.

2. Power of the Punch

Now while Floyd is a boxer and does throw a pretty mean and accurate punch, it does come with a caveat. Floyd is not, and I don’t care how you try to slice it, an offensive fighter. He has said time and time again that he does not like getting into wars with people, as he is concerned with his overall health outside of boxing. That is admirable, especially knowing how violent boxing is. With Floyd, his game is using a high output of energy on defense, wearing you down and using a velocity of punches to win via a decision. But defense means nothing when it comes to someone like McGregor. McGregor uses a variety of feints and movement to confuse his opponent into thinking where he might strike from. Another thing he has is his signature left cross, which has won him the interim and undisputed featherweight belt, along with his rematch against Welterweight Nate Diaz. Normally, he sets it up by feinting with right and coming across with the left. Now everyone knows this going into a fight against McGregor, but McGregor has another weapon to utilize as well: The Irish Roll. ( I know it’s not the best name because it reminds me of food, but work with me here). The Irish Roll looks a bit like this: 

Now if you look at the move, it was primarily the reason he won the fight against Nate Diaz at UFC 202. This technique is vital to fight with Floyd because while Floyd is not a long armed man, the technique can be used to get past his defense, while defending any punches thrown and able to carry power in your punches to hit Floyd. By using this move, not only was he able to slip punches thrown at him, but he was able to use it to block and still deliver a strike as seen in this video:

Now why is this important? Because it shows how well and how powerful of a striker Conor is, especially seeing how this was at welterweight, 25 pounds over his fighting weight of featherweight at 145. If Conor, the smaller man during this fight, was able to put a bruising on Nate Diaz’s face 25 pounds above his weight class where he should be weaker, can you imagine what he would do to Floyd at 145? Floyd would have to get into a brawl against him, because running in this fight will burn energy and open him up for shots.


3. Untold History of Ireland

Now, every time I’ve brought this fight up to my friends and family there is one thing that people forget about this fight: it’s a boxing fight. Which means that in order to do this fight, both men would have to have some background in boxing. And Conor has an extensive and successful career in boxing. And that’s where everyone does the “ooh, I didn’t know that” face.

Before Conor stepped into any octagon, he was an all-Ireland Boxing champion in his youth. Along with having the experience in boxing, he also trained alongside two-time boxing Olympian Phillip Sutcliffe Sr. and Jamie Kavanaugh. Not only that, but he has training under Freddy Roach, which means not only has he gone through simulated rounds, but can properly measure out his energy outputs in a fight.

That’s the reason Conor’s striking is so damn good. Because while he does have a jujitsu background and can attack you with kicks, elbows and knees, a majority of his fighting style revolves around a boxing style. And here is the killer part about his fighting style that no one takes into account: according to his stats via, for every fight he has had in the UFC, taking away leg, elbow and knee strikes, Conor has a 80% strike success rate. Floyd has never gotten over 60% is successful strikes and that could be a problem because if Conor slips one of Floyd’s punches, Conor could knock him down or knock him out with a precise shot. While boxing is Floyd’s sport, lets not act like Conor can’t keep up with him. And we can’t say that Conor doesn’t have power through injury, as his hand was injured during the Jose Aldo fight and we ALL saw what happened:


In closing, this fight would be one for the ages. Unfortunately, I don’t think its going to happen just because money is going to be the reason neither side agrees to this. But if it were to happen, this is why I think Floyd would ultimately lose in a fight because of his age, the fact that Conor is younger and got a lot of power in his punches and he has a good background in boxing. But that’s just my opinion.


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