Picks: September 27th – October 3rd

This is one weekend that cannot be missed. But who wins this weeks games? Lets cut the chase and get to my picks for this week.

College Football

#3 Louisville v. #5 Clemsonwatson_deshaun_fist_700

Prediction: Clemson in a close barn burner. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love both of these teams and wish this game was for a national championship, and hell it might decide the national championship. But if I’m looking at the matchup that will decide this game, which is a quarterback duel between Clemson’s Deshaun Watson and Louisville’s Lamar Jackson, I think Watson is going to outperform Jackson. Jackson will more than likely have a spy or two on him and that will force him to give the ball up via the rush or pass. Clemson won’t be able to completely stop Jackson, but I think they bottle his offensive power enough to beat them. I got this one, Clemson 45-42.

#8 Wisconsin v. #4 Michigan21205841-standard

Prediction: Michigan. While I in no way will say that Wisconsin isn’t a great team, they are going up against a buzz saw in Michigan who is proving more and more with each game that they are returning to their former glory in college football. This match up matters to Michigan and Wisconsin in two big ways: first and foremost, it’s a win in the conference that is needed for the winner to stake another victory towards going to the Big Ten Championship game. Secondly, these two teams could see each other in that championship game, so it could be a feeling out game for both teams. I give Michigan the edge in this game because I believe that while Wisconsin has an excellent defense, they have not faced an offense like Michigan all season. Sure they beat LSU and Michigan State, but neither team had as good an offense as Michigan, which has shown they can beat you with the run and the pass. If Wilton Speight is given a good pocket, he will pick apart this defense with passes and give the Wolverines a great opportunity to win. Im going Michigan 31-28.

NFL Quick Picks

Jacksonville v. Indianapolis: Jacksonville wins because while the Jags don’t have a win, I don’t see them losing in their second home of London, and I just can’t trust the Colts defense.

Tennessee v. Houston: Tennessee wins because the injury to JJ Watt is going to affect this defense in ways we can’t even imagine. Unless the Texans offense wants to play “First to 100”, their defense isn’t going to be able to slow down Derrick Henry and Demarco Murray.

Cleveland v. Washington: Washington wins easily.

Seattle v. New York: I got the Jets winning because I still don’t trust the Seattle offense and I don’t know the level to Russell Wilson’s injury.

New England v. Buffalo: New England wins. Sorry Bills fans but you are playing the Patriots who get psycho Tom Brady back next week.

Carolina v. Atlanta: Carolina wins this game, because they can’t go down to 1-3 and hope to make the playoffs. Cam should take advantage of Atlanta’s defense and get some confidence back.

Oakland v. Baltimore: This game is interesting to me because I could argue that this is the best game on the slate. I have Oakland winning this game because I think Oakland’s defense finally wakes up and puts a hat on Joe Flacco. Oakland in a close one.

Detroit v. Chicago: Detroit, not even close. Don’t believe me? Despite Detroit not having a good year last year, Detroit has won this match up for the last three years in six matchups.

Denver v. Tampa Bay: Surprisingly, I got Tampa Bay winning this game in a close one. Denver has an amazing defense but they have to cover two giant receivers in Mike Evans and Vince Jackson, who will be catching passes from a dangerous Jameis Winston. I think the Bucs win it close.

Los Angeles v. Arizona: I got the Rams against this game because the Bills just gave the Rams the perfect blueprint to beat the Cards: RUN. THE. BALL. You have one of the best running backs in Todd Gurley and he will run over the Cards to the end zone.

New Orleans v. San Diego: Unfortunately, I have San Diego winning this game, and I say unfortunately because the Saints will fall to 4 losses and essentially out of any playoff contention early in the season. The Chargers are clicking on a whole new level and they will take advantage of this weakened Saints defense.

Dallas v. San Francisco: I don’t care about this game. Dallas wins.

Kansas City v. Pittsburgh: I want to say that the Steelers will win this game, but I will say this: if the Chiefs are within 10 points and get the ball in the second half, the Chiefs can win this game. Both of these teams are really good and this will be a fun game to watch.

New York Giants v. Minnesota: I got Minnesota beating this team. Playing this team in this new stadium will be difficult. I completely throw out my pick if Odell Beckham goes off.


Well those are my picks for this week, what are your picks for this week’s games? Comment down below and let me know. See you all next week.


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