Sports To Watch: September 27th – October 3rd

We are now officially in the beginning days of fall and while the weather outside is getting cooler, sports are now heating up and getting very interesting. But what do we watch this weekend? This week on Sports to Watch, we look at some major college and NFL football, along with the beginning of the fall classic.

1. Another battle takes place in the Big Ten as Michigan takes on Wisconsin in a game of ranked unbeaten teams


Time: Saturday, October 1st at 3:30p.m.

Channel: ABC or the WatchESPN app

Analysis: This game is going to be an absolute barn burner. Last week, Wisconsin and Michigan were thought to have tough opponents in Michigan State and Penn State. Little did I know that the Badgers and Wolverines would live up to their namesakes and tear out the hearts of the Spartans and Nittany Lions. This game could be a potential look at the Big Ten Championship, and both teams will look to strike first. Will Jabril Peppers and Michigan’s defense outplay a Badgers team that looks to make history at the expense of the state of Michigan.


2. Clemson and Louisville are going to burn down the top 5 in the college football rankings this Saturday, live from Death Valleyhi-res-cccc4b89c0c4999c373d2c9673a75f71_crop_north

Time: Saturday, October 1st at 8p.m.

Channel: ABC or the WatchESPN app

Analysis: I seriously cannot wait for this game. Like I’m also giddy with excitement because not only is this a game that could put up video game numbers, but I legitimately can’t decide who will win( check out this week’s picks to see who I ultimately choose). Lamar Jackson is a walking combination of some of the best dual threat quarterbacks and Deshaun Watson is a step below but is a better pocket QB. Both teams have an excellent defense and stars on the front defensive line. The biggest question is will Lamar Jackson be slowed down or will Louisville find a way to escape Death Valley alive? I can’t wait to see.


3. Week Four of the 2016 NFL Season highlights some great matchups early in the seasonhi-res-ed88ad8a670f190b8a43a2f121a7fc0b_crop_north

Time: Thursday, September 29th, October 2nd, and October 3rd

Channel: Fox, ESPN, NBC, CBS and NFL Network

Analysis: Week four of the 2016 NFL season is going to be a tough one as we have a bunch of great match ups to see. First we have Pittsburgh playing Kansas City, in a Sunday primetime game where the Steelers will try to rebound from their blowout loss to in-state rival, Philadelphia. Speaking of rivals, the L.A. Rams look to take on their divisional rival Arizona Cardinals in a game where the winner will be tied for first in the division and the loser will be dead last. We also get a winless New Orleans looking for its first win as Drew Brees travels to San Diego to take on the Chargers team that he was drafted to, and its also the last suspension week for the Patriots, who take on the Buffalo Bills and they look to be undefeated when Tom Brady comes back. This should be good.


4. The last weekend of the 2016 MLB season takes place as teams fight for a Wild Card spot

  (AP Photo/Matt Marton)
(AP Photo/Matt Marton)

Analysis: This final weekend of Major League Baseball will be one to keep an eye on as multiple teams are looking for a hot streak to either keep or steal away a draft position. The Detroit Tigers and Baltimore Orioles are fighting for the 2nd Wild Card, while the Mets and Cardinals have made major moves to get into the postseason. I don’t know about you, but late September baseball is one of the best times to watch the game and I cannot wait to see it.


Well those are my Sports to Watch this week, come back tomorrow to see my picks for some of the major sports for this week and I will see you next week. Leave a comment, like and share .


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