Picks: September 21st – September 26th

Welcome back to the new series, Picks! This week, we are going to give more of a look at the NFL week 3 and make you look smart around your friends with knowledge of who should win each game. Ready? Lets go!

Thursday Night Football: Houston v. New England

Pick: Houston. As much as the Pats should win this game, losing Garoppolo is a big loss. And I don’t care how much belief you have in New England’s system, this is going up against a defense in Houston that throws a five man rush package that will confuse and be the demise of the Patriots. I got this one 32-17 Texans.

Sunday games

Arizona v. Buffalo

Pick: Buffalo. I think the Bills come into a big game pissed off and are going to put a hurting on Carson Palmer. This one will be close but it will be a game I can’t see Arizona winning. Buffalo 24-20.

Oakland v. Tennessee

Pick: Oakland. After that horrendous outing against Atlanta last week, the Raiders are going to get a win. Tennessee should be 0-2 but got a lucky win against Detroit and if Khalil Mack and the Raiders can put a hat on Derrick Henry, expect the Raiders offense to light up the Titans. 28-14 Raiders.

Cleveland v. Miami

Pick: Miami. This is the kind of game that could be considered a trap game for the Dolphins, as there is no way they should lose this game. But if you combine the way they played against the Patriots last week and the Browns lost their game against the Ravens, Cleveland has no shot of winning this game. 30-14 Dolphins.

Baltimore v. Jacksonville

Pick: Jacksonville. I might be picking with my heart here but after watching the Browns v. Ravens game from last week, Jacksonville has the ability to put up points on the Ravens. This game has the readings of a shootout and will definitely be one to watch. 28-24 Jacksonville

Green Bay v. Detroit

Pick: Detroit. Detroit is coming off a game it should not have lost and after watching Green Bay’s loss in Minnesota, Detroit should win this game, even if it’s in Lambeau. Green Bay’s defense does not look good, and the O-line for the Packers allowed way too many hits on Aaron Rodgers. Another factor going into this game is that Detroit no longer has to worry about the losing streak in Green Bay after last year. I got this one 24-17 Detroit.

Denver v. Cincinnati

Pick: Cincinnati. I personally don’t think Denver’s offense is legit, especially with Trevor Siemian at quarterback. The Bengals need this win for playoff purposes, and Denver is now on watch after they being labeled as a dirty team. I got Cincy winning this one 31-21.

Minnesota v. Carolina

Pick: Carolina. Prior to the beginning of the season, I would have picked Minnesota to get this win, but after Teddy Bridgewater and now Adrian Peterson went down, Carolina is going to feast on the Vikings offensive line. This one won’t be close, Carolina 34-10.

Washington v. New York Giants

Pick: New York Giants. This game shouldn’t even be close. The team looks like it’s on the verge of falling apart and while the defense will be focused on making sure Josh Norman locks up Odell Beckham Jr., Eli Manning will have open shots to Victor Cruz and Sterling Shepard. I’ll take the Giants, 31-17.

Los Angeles v. Tampa Bay

Pick: LA Rams. I think the Rams are now back to form after that week 1 performance against San Francisco and bouncing back against Seattle.  The Rams have the defense required to take on Jameis Winston, and this game will come down to the wire, especially if Mike Evans makes his presence known in this game. Los Angeles Rams with a close one 28-27.

San Francisco v. Seattle

Pick: Seattle. This game should be a no-brainer especially in one of the toughest places to play, CenturyLink. But Seattle isn’t an overwhelming lock in this game. Seattle’s offensive line isn’t where it should be and we have not heard from Jimmy Graham whatsoever. The offense also has Russell Wilson getting hit more than usual, with 5 sacks already and a total of 15 points through two games. San Fran could steal one from the Seahawks but this game should be a shocking game. Seattle 21-17.

New York Jets v. Kansas City

Pick: New York Jets. Kansas City is going to be a rough out for the Jets as they have had two extremely tough games so far. I expect it to be more of a quarterback duel than anything else, as both defenses don’t look too legit this year. Jets 28-14.

San Diego v. Indianapolis

Pick: San Diego. This game will not be close. The Colts are garbage and for the love of all that is holy needs an offense and defensive line that is actually worth something. San Diego will get an easy win this week, 28-10.

Pittsburgh v. Philadelphia

Pick: Pittsburgh. I think Carson Wentz is an amazing quarterback and has a very bright future in Philly, but this is the game where Carson Wentz falls back to Earth. I think that Pittsburgh will get a hat on him and happily welcome him to the NFL.  I’ve got Pittsburgh 28-20.

Chicago v. Dallas

Pick: Chicago. I personally cannot stand either of these teams but if I’m being unbiased, then I take Chicago because of the fact that Dallas still doesn’t have a defense and as inconsistent as they’ve been getting the ball to Dez Bryant, it will be a factor in this game.  Chicago 20-14.

Monday Night Football: Atlanta v. New Orleans

Pick: Atlanta. I hate saying this, but New Orleans is on the decline and its becoming more and more apparent. They didn’t really focus on a defense in the offseason, which is showing itself in the first two games. While I don’t think Atlanta has a much better one, this game will come down to how much Julio Jones gets off in the game and can Drew Brees keep the Saints in the game. Atlanta 31-13.


Well those are my picks for this week, come back next week to see my picks for that weeks games.



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