Picks: Week of September 13th – September 19th

So I’ve decided that while telling everyone who and what games are important this week, it’s a little bit more fun telling you who is going to win, right? So that where this new segment comes along. Its called picks, and I’m going to go through the biggest games of the week/weekend and tell you who wins. No filler, no fluff, just my picks and why. Ready? Lets Start.

#10 Louisville v. #2 Florida State

Pick: Louisville.  The odds might say Louisville shouldnt have a shot against Florida State, but I think Lawrence Jackson is the tide breaker. While Louisville will not be able to run the ball as effectively as they have in the past two games, Jackson’s arm is going to be a big problem for the Noles. I think it will be a close game but I got it Louisville 36, FSU 31.

#1 Alabama v. #19 Ole Miss

Pick: Ole Miss. While most people will want  Alabama to win this game, I think experience is the reason they will lose. The biggest criticism anyone can say about Alabama is they are not good against teams when they come off a big game, like Bama did when they stomped out USC, and they are not good against teams that have beaten them. Chad Kelly leads an experienced bunch on both offense and defense that is used to playing against him and the style of play. I think this game will go the exact same way as last year’s game: someone is going to make a play that is so unlikely that its a Sportcenter highlight to be honored for generations to come. I got this game 28-24 Ole Miss over the Crimson Tide.

#3 Ohio State v. #19 Oklahoma

Pick: Ohio State. This game is more important for Ohio State than it is for Oklahoma. Now before you think I’m spouting insanity, think about this. If what I said about the other games holds true, then Ohio State could jump into the number one spot without question. But if they lose, their bitter rival Michigan, who is heavily favored and expected to win against Colorado, could jump over them for one of the top two rankings in the nation. And the last thing Ohio State wants is to have that happen. They know Michigan is dangerous and only getting better each game. And while their meeting in November will be important it could be for much more if they win this game in Norman. For Oklahoma, its their last chance to get into the conversation of the final four. The loss to Houston doesn’t hurt, but the fact that most, if not all of their conference brethren lost last week to pretty bad teams, their stock looks a little bad. they need a big win in order to get back on track, and the Buckeyes are the perfect team to do that against. Even with that, I have this team losing to the Buckeyes, 31-24.

NFL Picks

Thursday Night Football

New York over Buffalo

Sunday Games

Cincinnati over Pittsubrgh

Detroit over Tennessee

Baltimore over Cleveland

Washington over Dallas

New York barely over New Orleans

Carolina way over San Francisco

New England over Miami

Kansas City close over Houston

Seattle barely over Los Angeles

Tampa Bay over Arizona in a shootout

Jacksonville over San Diego

Oakland over Atlanta

Denver over Indianapolis

Green Bay over Minnesota

Monday Night Football

Philadelphia over Chicago


Well those are my picks for this week. Come back next week to see who i pick to root for this weekend. What are yours? Leave your comments down below and be sure to keep it locked in to Sprts by Jaytezla……


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