Sports To Watch: UFC 200 Weekend (Part 2)


We now are here, ladies and gentleman, its fight day! We are on the cusp of one of the greatest MMA cards in history and of course you know I, Jaytezla, have to cover it! In this second part of our UFC 200 Weekend coverage, we will cover the under and main cards of UFC 200, along with give you my predictions on who will win when the night is over.

But first let’s get something out the way.

Jon JonesJon-Jones

While it does truly suck that we will not get the fight we want due to what happened earlier this week, I feel as though I needed to address it because it literally rocked the entire sports world. Jones is off the card due to the USADA finding something in his system from a test they took on June 16. But I while I have a minor issue with Jones on taking a possible supplement after confessing he did not take any drug and the test proving he took no recreational drugs, my big issue is with Dana White and the USADA.

First when it comes to Dana White, I’m annoyed that he is being so dismissive of Jones, especially after what he said on the Colin Cowherd show a day after the announcement was said. Look, you know that he isn’t on anything, but Jones has carried this light heavyweight division for years and because of your past with him, especially after he pulled out of a card because he didn’t want to fight for a title against a guy with 3 days time. I understand you want to fill the card this weekend, but for the love of god, you support Conor McGregor, you support Ronda Rousey, support your star that is quite possibly the best.

Now onto the USADA. I find this test to be complete b.s. I have never seen a test done on a fighter two weeks out from the fight, hell if anything you would test them the week of the fight to see if they have anything in their system. But here is the part that kills me about the USADA: they have the worst updating of what is and is not an illegal substance, which leads me to believe that Jones could have quite literally been taking a supplement for 2-3 weeks prior to the test that was not on their list, the week of the test, the USADA puts the supplement on the list, and they said he is doping. And the worst part about this is the fact that this removal of Jones off the biggest fight card in the company’s history is that its only HALF of the test. The other half won’t be able to read until two weeks after the fight, which means the test could come back negative, prove Jones was clean, and mean the USADA and the NASC could have tarnished one of the biggest cards in UFC history. Great.

But now that we have gotten that out the way, lets talk about the card.

Jose Aldo and Frankie Edgar fight for the right to be face Conor McGregor for the Featherweight Titlemaxresdefault-1

Analysis: This fight is going to be a war, and there could be a psychological factor in this fight as well. For Aldo, he walks back into the octagon knowing the last time he was in there, he got steam rolled by current champion Conor McGregor in 13 seconds flat. For Edgar, he walks in after  Chad Mendes and being on a good fight streak. Now the last time these two men fought, Aldo won an extremely close fight, and while Aldo has dominated, so has Edgar as he has been fighting his way back to the title. I think Edgar’s wrestling is going to play a big factor, and so will Aldo’s patience in this fight.

Prediction: Edgar in 4. I think Aldo is on the downward incline and he is still coming off one of the biggest losses in UFC history. To get blasted the way he did in his last fight, will affect his mental aspect, especially if his body movement is like last time. Knowing his fighting style and the way that worked in his favor the last time, he is either going to rush in, fully aggressive and take Edgar out. But his mental aspect might remind him of his last fight, which could make him timid in the fight while Edgar has none of these worries and is coming in with a clear conscious. I don’t think it will be a quick fight, but Edgar will more than likely come out on top.

Julianna Pena and Cat Zingano face off in a fight that could determine the next contender for the Women’s Bantamweight titlemaxresdefault

Analysis: Okay, I personally love this fight. This two ladies are absolutely gorgeous and absolutely monsters in the octagon. Both of them realize that with Ronda Rousey currently missing in action and Holly Holm facing Valentina Shevchenko two weeks after UFC 200, the winner of this fight could be challenging the winner of the Tate v. Nunes fight, and soon depending on how long the fight goes. This two women are absolute brawlers and have shown a penchant for throwing bombs: If Rousey wasn’t who she is, Cat would be the champ after throwing a flying knee in the first second of her championship fight against Rousey. Pena is a beast and many women know she has legit knockout power, ask Jessica Eye if you don’t believe me. This fight is going to come down to who is left standing, because both of these women are going to be swinging for the fences and lets just be glad they are locking the door behind them.

Prediction: Pena by decision. I think Zingano is a great fighter, and I could be eating my words because Zingano could catch her with an array of moves and turn out her lights faster than you can say the word ‘damn’, but I think after beating Jessica Eye the way she did, Pena is on a different roll of late and wants to get her hands on the UFC belt. She knows how much it would mean to not only be the fourth or fifth woman to win it, but to be the second woman to win The Ultimate Fighter and become a champion and Zingano could be the test she needs in order to take that further step in the division.

T.J Dillashaw looks to make a main event statement on the under card against Raphael Assuncao

TJ Dillashaw (left) and Raphael Assuncao during the ceremonial weigh-ins for UFC 200, Friday, July 8, 2016, at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, NV. The official weigh-ins were conducted Friday morning for the fighters. (Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News)
Photo by Hans Gutknecht/Los Angeles Daily News

Analysis: Okay, ill be the person to ask, how in the hell did T.J. Dillashaw get regulated to the undercard? No, someone explain this. This man is coming off a close loss against Dominck Cruz in which a lot of people don’t think he lost the fight, and prior to that he destroyed a Joe Soto on 2 days notice and demolished bantamweight legend Renan Barao not once, but twice. So he loses a fight and he instantaneously gets dropped to undercard? But to the fight, this fight is interesting because he has the chance to kill two birds with one stone. First he can take out Raphael Assuncao, an extremely good fighter who beat T.J. long ago. Secondly, this fight could decide Cruz’s next title match as he doesn’t have one currently on the books. Now this fight is going to come down to how much has T.J. put his loss to Cruz behind him and how rusty is Assuncao as he hasn’t fought in almost two years.

Prediction: Dillashaw by Unanimous Decision. I would say that Raphael Assuncao has the advantage because the last time they fought, Assuncao beat him and deserved the win, but this T.J. is different because his fighting style is different. Last time they fought, Tj wasn’t as fluid and explosive as he is now and that is going to play a big factor. I think TJ is going to attack like a piranha and not give him any space to breath, which is where TJ works the best. While I don’t expect this fight to last long, T.J. is more than likely going to win this fight.

Daniel Cormier replaces one legend with a bonafide one as he takes on Anderson “The Spider” Silvacorm_thumb.vresize.1200.675.high.1

Analysis: Its moments like these that make me happy as a sports fan. Sure we aren’t going to see an end to the rivalry that Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have, but the sports gods have blessed us by having the next best thing: Anderson Silva moving up to Light Heavyweight and taking on the champ, Daniel Cormier. Now this fight isn’t for the belt, but it definitely has the implications of a title fight. If Anderson wins, he could easily have the fates of two divisions in his hands: he could go back down to Middleweight and try to take back his throne against Michael Bisping. Or he could stay at Light Heavyweight, wait to see where the chips fall in regards to the title and challenge for it again before the end of the year. If Cormier wins, he legacy is sealed, and could be even more sealed if and when Jon Jones comes back. Us fans win, by watching the best of three divisions square up and go at it.

Prediction: Complete Toss Up. I truly don’t know who is going to win this fight. A part of me wants to say Cormier will win it because he was getting ready for a lanky fighter and because Anderson falls right into that category, his style should give Silva some issues. On the other hand, Silva could win because he is Anderson freaking Silva. The man has done everything when it comes to MMA and has carried the UFC for a minute in his own right. I don’t really care who wins this fight, I just want a good fight.

Brock Lesnar is back and he takes on heavyweight slugger Mark Hunt.brockweigh.vresize.1200.675.high.1

Analysis: Not gonna lie, when I heard this announcement i was wondering, “Who in their right mind would walk into a fight with Brock Lesnar, especially in the Heavyweight division?” Enter Mark Hunt, a pure knockout artist. Now analyzing these two, you know that Hunt is going to not try to be extra fancy and spectacular in the fight, he is going to simply try to punch Brock’s face off and into the second row. For Brock, if he gets Hunt to the ground, then he is going to suffocate Hunt with punches, knees and enough ferocity to fill an arena. This fight is going to be amazing and I know its going to be worth all the money they are asking for.

Prediction: Lesnar by TKO. As big of a fan as I am of Hunt, Lesnar might end up putting him down for the count. While Hunt is a great fighter, if Lesnar is able to rush him and put him on his back, Lesnar is going to suffocate him with punches and attacks. Now Lesnar could easily catch a left from Hunt and be out of the count, but I expect Lesnar to put this one to bed fairly easily.

Amanda Nunes and Miesha Tate go at it for the Undisputed Women’s Bantamweight Title in the Main EventMiesha-Tate-and-Amanda-Nunes-face-off

Analysis: In some people’s minds, this fight should never have happened. Ronda Rousey shouldn’t have dropped her guard against Holly Holm, Holm shouldn’t have gotten complacent in the fifth round against Miesha Tate, but yet, here we are. And now we have our third UFC Women’s Bantamweight in her first title defense against Amanda Nunes, a woman who has the skills to be a great champion. She has a great stand-up game and the women she has faced and beaten on her way here prove that. But so has Tate, as she has gone to war against Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm. This fight didn’t get moved to the main event because it was the best decision, it got moved here because it the right decision: the women’s division is the most exciting division in the company and while it might not have the same amount of stars as some of the other divisions, it does have an abundant amount of great fighters and this fight is going to prove it.

Prediction: Tate in 4. While I fully respect Amanda Nunes ability in the octagon, I know for a fact that Tate’s is world-class. This woman, other than Ronda Rousey, is the baddest chick alive and has proven it time and time again. She has shown her ability to completely dispatch stand-up fighters as she did this in her fight against Holly Holm and Jessica Eye. I expect Nunes to come out guns blazing, but if she can’t put away Tate in the first, then she might gas out and get wrecked by a Miesha Tate who will put her on the ground multiple times and hit her with ground and pound. I expect Miesha to win this in an absolute war and it would be shocking if this went to decision.


Well there you have it, a great card for tonight and I can’t wait. So I don’t know about you, but I’m about to kick back, grab a drink and enjoy one of the greatest fight cards ever seen.




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