Sports To Watch: UFC 200 Weekend (Part 1)

This weekend is a weekend unlike any other. This weekend the UFC takes over the fight business but this isn’t just any UFC weekend, this is a weekend of title fights, incredible matches, rivalries settled and the return of a beast. All of this leads up to quite possibly the greatest UFC Pay-Per-View card in history with UFC 200: Jones vs Cormier 2.

And I’m here to break it all down for you. We are going to go over the biggest matches of all three nights, with a full breakdown of the following fights:

Dos Anjos v. Alvarez

Joanna Champion v. Claudia Gadelha 2

The Under and Main Cards of UFC 200

Jose Aldo v. Frankie Edgar 2

Mesh Tate v. Amanda Nunes

Brock Lesnar v. Mark Hunt

Jon Jones v. Daniel Cormier 2

So let’s get down to brass tax and start with the first two title fights of the weekend that take place this Thursday and Friday, respectively.


RDA takes on Eddie Alvarez in a pure slugfest for Lightweight gold at UFC Fight Night Las Vegas: Dos Anjos v. Alvarez


Time: July 7th, 2016 at  10p.m.

Channel: Only on

Analysis: This is a very even matchup between two of the best at lightweight, which makes me wonder if the matchmakers aren’t just trying to give us “Fight of the Year” nominees. Both men are coming off great wins, with RDA disposing of Cowboy Cerrone in one round and Eddie’s demolishing of former champion Anthony Pettis. This matchup to me comes down to how durable Eddie’s chin is and can RDA go through a war on both the stand-up and ground game. Eddie is built differently than most guys and his training with featherweight contender Frankie Edgar could give him an edge in this fight that should be a pure slugfest.

Prediction: Dos Anjos by decision. As much as I would love to see the title change hands, I think RDA is the best thing going today in the lightweight division. He has the speed to change levels, and while Eddie has those same attributes, I think Eddie might make a mistake and if he does, Dos Anjos will be on him faster than he can say “no”.


No more games are played as Joanna Jedrzejczyk takes on Claudia Gadelha in their second fight at The Ultimate Fighter Finale for the UFC Strawweight Championshipmaxresdefault

Time: July 8th, 2016 at 10p.m.

Channel: Fox Sports 1

Analysis: This rivalry, this animosity between these two is not only good for the sport, but its the most hatred I’ve seen between two fighters since the UFC 200 main  event (more on that much later). These two women do not like each other, let alone respect each other. And if you’ve been watching the Ultimate Fighter this season, it’s as clear as day. But when it comes to inside the octagon, this is a very interesting matchup as an argument could be made that Claudia didn’t really lose the first fight they had against each other. Claudia has a much better ground game that Joanna does, and while in the first fight, that didn’t mean much, it could in this second fight. For Joanna, her striking is some of the best we have seen from anyone, male or female. For her to win this fight, she has to keep it a stand-up battle and not allow Claudia to get in close and change levels for a takedown.

Prediction: Claudia Gadelha by split decision. I think that Claudia has gotten under the skin of Joanna, and Joanna is going to try to go in fast and knock her out. While she is more than capable of doing that , if Claudia holds on, which she has shown capable of, she will win this fight by her taking it to the ground and punishing her until she can’t take anymore, something she did not do in her first fight with the champion. Joanna will more than likely bring it back to the feet but she is going to need to knock her out and not go for a split decision again. If she does, expect for Joanna to lose the “Champion” moniker and have to hope for a trilogy fight against her biggest rival.


Well those are my predictions and analysis of the first two big fights for this weekend, but don’t you go anywhere! Tomorrow we will be covering the big fights in the under and main card for UFC 200, and later, we will cover the four big fights of UFC 200. So Stay Tuned because like Bruce Buffer says, It’s Time.






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