Sports To Watch: Super Bowl 50

It’s finally here. The Big 5 0. The game to end all games this year, the Super Bowl. And what a matchup we have: the old gunslinger, looking to go out with a title in tow, against the young upstart that is poised to put himself with the household names of the NFL. But who will win? This is my prediction, analysis, and what to expect as I, JayTezla, present a special Sports To Watch on the 50th Super Bowl.

First let’s go over how this is going to broken down. We are going to first look at the offense and who has the advantage there. Then we are going to look at the defense, and finally, which team has a bigger X-factor in the game. So first lets look at the offense.

Analysis: Now, looking at this matchup, a lot of people would say that a Carolina team that has been dropping 30 plus points on teams in the playoffs are the more potent offense. But then you have to look at Denver, who is coming in with a banged up Peyton Manning, but is still able to get the ball out and hit Emmanuel Sanders and Demaryius Thomas and get them open. If the game comes down to which offense can stay on the field, and be productive in every aspect of trying to win the tide of the game, I have to go with…..

Advantage: Carolina. Look as much as I respect the game of Peyton and the Denver Broncos, it has been proven multiple times that Denver has issues covering mobile quarterbacks. Look at it this way, whenever Denver played Seattle, Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson was able to evade the rush, get outside or sometimes inside and get a first down. And if they brought the house to get him, it left the middle open for him to hit a receiver in stride for a first down and then some. If they couldn’t stop an under 6 foot QB, then how do they plan to do the same to Cam Newton? Cam can quite literally “keep pounding” forward and get a first down or can use his mobility to give his receivers time to get open further down the field. Peyton on the other hand, needs to wonder not only how much time is his offensive line going to give him, but how many hits can he take before it begins to cost him? All the intelligence in the world isn’t going to make a can of beans if your body can’t take the punishment this Panthers defense is willing to dish out.


Analysis: Carolina’s defense scares the bejesus out of me. No seriously they do. I can’t even name the entire defensive line, but I know I want no parts of them anytime soon. Then you look at their backfield and how great of a corner Josh Norman is and how he is quite literally becoming the next lockdown corner in the NFL. But then you are reminded by big 59 in the middle, Luke Kuechly. As far as Linebackers go, he is a special breed as his ability to rush the pass is only shadowed by his ability to cover any kind of playmaker on the opposite side of the ball. This defense is legit and with that, the advantage goes to….

Advantage: Denver. Yeah, that’s right, Denver. Let me explain why. I know Carolina has the more potent defense, and sure they more than likely get a pick-6 against Peyton as he is prone to throwing one. But there are two big things that make me somewhat give the advantage to Denver. First and foremost, the injury to Thomas Davis is serious. I don’t care if you are the Iron Man of the NFL, dude it isn’t smart to play a game of this magnitude a week after you had surgery. Now this is no way to wish ill will on Davis, but his loss in the game could mess with the psyche of the team. The second thing is Cam Newton. Now Denver is going to bring the rush to him, and while he might exploit it, the question that Denver is going to make Carolina answer is: who is the next big threat after Cam? If Denver makes Cam carry the load on his own, it might come crashing down on him and cost his team the game.


Advantage: Denver. I’ll get right to the point, Denver has the X-factor simply because of the fact that Peyton’s play and health is going to decide the game. If he takes a beating in the first or second round, this game is going to be another loss in his SB record. If he is able to stay clean, he will end up winning it. Peyton’s arm could quite literally decide who wins this game and whether the Broncos get blown out or keep the game close.

Final Prediction: Carolina 34, Denver 26. I would like to see Peyton get a win on his way out of the NFL, but I just can’t see it. Denver had to scrap and claw their ways into the Super Bowl, while Carolina has dominated every team they have faced. Former 2-Time NFC Champion Seattle Seahawks? Dominated. Best Passing Team in the NFC in Arizona Cardinals? Dominated. I think the story stays the same but Denver will put up a fight. I don’t expect this game to be a blowout, but this game will be a changing of the guard. Cam Newton is on the cusp of becoming one of the next best, and as Peyton Manning isn’t covering his career with dirt, he needs to understand that if he doesn’t win it now, it will be his last.


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