Sports To Watch: Wild Card Weekend

So I’ve been gone for a minute but we are officially back for 2016! And of course we have Sports for you to watch this weekend. This weekend is Wild Card Weekend in the NFL so let’s go over who plays, and who should win.

1. The Texans look to move into the second round against the red-hot Kansas City Chiefs

Time: Saturday, January 9th, at 4:20p.m.

Channel: ABC and ESPN( also the WatchESPN app)

This game is going to be interesting. First and foremost, neither team has a prolific offensive scheme, but what they lack in that they make up for in bunches on defense. Houston took over a depleted AFC South by beating down the rest of the division and has proven to be in a good spot coming into the playoffs. Kansas City has the same but they are coming off an impressive 10 game winning streak. Kansas City is hitting its stride at the right moments and hopefully it results in a win.

Prediction: Kansas City in a close game. I think as good as Houston is, KC is going to give them a lot of issues on both sides of the ball. While KC might not have the greatest offensive attack, it is dangerous enough to corral the Texans for a game.

2. An AFC North Rivalry takes over night one of the NFL Wild Card game as Cincinnati battles Pittsburgh

Time: Saturday, January 9th, at 8:15p.m.

Channel: CBS

This matchup is going to be ugly. Both of these teams DO NOT like each other. And both is coming in with major injuries to their offenses: Cincy is still without franchise quarterback Andy Dalton and Pittsburgh is without running back Deangelo Williams. Now Pittsburgh can attempt to live without Deangelo on offense, but hold long can they hold up against Cincinnati’s powerful rush defense? And to that point, how will Cincinnati’s defense hold up against Big Ben and the receiving duo of Antonio Brown and Martavius Bryant?

Prediction: Steelers by 2 touchdowns. I think this game will come down to whose defense last’s longer and while I’d love to see Cincy get a win and move into the second round of the playoffs, I can’t see Pittsburgh not winning this game. They are quite possibly the most dangerous team in the AFC and as a sixth seed, they could eliminate not only one of their biggest rivals in the postseason, but also defeat one of the top teams in the conference.

3. Aaron Rodgers looks to rebound against a hungry Washington team

Time: Sunday, January 10 at 4:40p.m.

Channel: Fox

This game should be fun. After last week’s game in which Green Bay was gouged by Minnesota in rout to winning the NFC North, this team is set for a shootout game that should be amazing. Washington comes into this game on an impressive winning streak, with their offense being more balanced and a lot more dangerous via the air. Green Bay looks to move on play in its 4th consecutive semifinal, while Washington looks to prove that its more legit than people give them credit for.

Prediction: Washington by a lot. Look as much id like Green Bay to go to the second round, they stand no chance against Washington. Washington is too good on both sides of the ball, and for the past couple of weeks has proven that. Green Bay’s defense is a huge issue, on top of the fact that none of the Green Bay receiving corp can catch a pass to make five dollars.

4. Seattle looks to start its campaign to a third straight Super Bowl with a win in frigid Minnesota against the Vikings. 

Time: Sunday, January 10th, at 1:05p.m.

Channel: NBC

This to me is the best matchup of the wildcard weekend. Both of these teams could make a serious push towards the Super Bowl. Minnesota came out of nowhere and shocked the Northern division by sweeping my Lions, the Bears and beating the Packers in Lambeau. Seattle, while picking up steam since the infamous “Bat-gate” against Detroit and has looked like the team of old. Now this matchup will come down to who moves the ball the best and how much the cold affects both teams.

Prediction: Seattle in a close game. I think the loss to Seattle in losing running back Marshawn Lynch was huge to the Seahawks. But I believe that it will be Seattle’s offense, not defense that will get them a W. Minnesota could easily win this game, but I choose to side with Seattle because it comes down to which quarterback I trust the most and I trust Russell Wilson more than I do Teddy Bridgewater.

This weekend will be very interesting and no one can deny that. I could be completely wrong about all of my picks because I in my 26 years on this earth have seen some of the wildest endings to games on this weekend. But that is what it’s all about: creating pandemonium and shaking up the postseason that it either becomes a blessing or a curse. This is the time football gets most exciting so from me to you, enjoy this weekends wild matchups.


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