Sports to Watch: UFC Fight Week (Part 1)

So you all are probably wondering, “where is this week’s Sports to Watch?” Well, this week I decided to do something special again. This weekend is a UFC explosion, and to cover all three nights, I’ve decided to do a Sports To Watch for UFC Fight Night Las Vegas, UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale: Edgar v. Mendes, and UFC 194. So sit back and check out my analysis of the biggest fights of all three days.

This first part will cover UFC Fight Night (taking place on December 10 on UFC Fight Pass) and UFC Ultimate Fighter Finale: Edgar v. Mendes (taking place on December 11 on Fox Sports 1). Lets start with UFC Fight Night and an upstart looking for a second win in the UFC.

1.Sage Northcutt looks to win in spectacular fashion against Cody Pfister

Photo by Troy Taormina of USA TODAY Sports
Photo by Troy Taormina of USA TODAY Sports

Now this fight is interesting, because both guys are explosive, especially Sage after his debut fight. I think this fight will be a stand-up fight, meaning Sage can’t get caught. While he is accomplished outside the UFC, he is still a bit green and needs to be prepared for a knock down brawl.

Prediction: Sage by TKO or Decision. I don’t see Cody presenting much of a challenge for Sage. Dana White picked a firecracker to be a star in the UFC, and while Cody is a great fighter at welterweight, Sage has the background to make a push for the top 15 in welterweight.

2. Paige VanZant looks to unload a barrage against Rose “Thug” Namajunasufc-fight-night-las-vegas-2015_546469_EventFeatureThis fight is going to be very interesting. Honestly, I like both of these fighters, who I would have loved to see square off when they were on the Ultimate Fighter together( Paige had to leave due to her age). But Rose Namajunas brings a level of aggression that we don’t normally see out of the women in the straw-weight division, other than Champion Joanna Jędrzejczyk. Now Paige has it all: the look, the media-friendly attitude and the chick backs it up in the cage. Her last fight against Alex Chambers proves that if she gets her hands on you, she is going to unload nothing but strikes and vicious knees till the horn sounds. Now Paige is going to have to use that and her length to beat Rose, who is going to look to keep it the fight in a phone booth to beat her, but can she do that while staying out of Paige’s clutches?

Prediction: Paige by Decision. I think as much as Rose could beat her via punches and kicks, Paige is so much better. In fact, I’ll go further and say if Paige was older, she would have won the UFC Straw-weight title and Joanna might not be current champion. But if Paige wins this fight, please believe that she will be one fight away from saying she deserves a shot. Her combination of muay thai along her superior wrestling which she picked up while working with Team Alpha Male in Sacramento, California, makes her the kind of fighter you can’t miss.

But this main event is the first of many great ones, the next is our final thing to watch for the first two days.

3. Frankie Edgar and Chad Mendes collide to decide who is next up for the Featherweight Championship040415-UFC-Mendes-and-Edgar-PI-CH.vresize.1200.675.high.93

Oh this to me is one of the fights I’m looking forward more than any of the weekend. Both of these guys want a shot at Jose Aldo as he beat both of them, beating Mendes twice. They also want a shot at McGregor, due to the fact that both know he is a legitimate threat to the division as champion. Now this fight is going to come down to how much Mendes uses his wrestling background in this fight v. how focused Edgar is on this fight. Mendes also has to pace himself; despite him having less than a month to prepare for the McGregor fight, he could have won if he paced himself out and kept dropping Conor to the ground. Edgar is coming in dangerous because despite his drop from lightweight, he is on a winning streak and looks to keep it going.

Prediction: Mendes by decision. I think Chad wins this fight for multiple reasons. I think first and foremost he comes in with more to lose if he drops his second main event fight in a row. Chad has all the necessary skills to beat a guy like Edgar. Secondly, he has a lot of pride going into this fight. Whats more motivation than beat the guy who beat your teammate and then face the guy who beat you for a belt you’ve been trying to win for years? Nothing. If Chad beats Frankie or vice verse, best believe he is the number one contender in the division.

Well thats my analysis of Night 1 and 2 of this weekends UFC triple threat fight night. Click here to see Night 3’s analysis and predictions into who wins.


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