Sports To Watch: Thanksgiving Edition

Well tomorrow is the big day. No your not getting married, its Thanksgiving! And if you thought we were going to take a week off you were so wrong! This is the Thanksgiving Edition of Sports to Watch!

This week we have nothing but football, so lets get right to it!

1. The Stuffing will be flying as Carolina looks to become America’s Newest Team against Dallas

Photo by Streeter Lecka of Getty Images
Photo by Streeter Lecka of Getty Images

Time: Thursday, November 26 at 4:30p.m.

Channel: CBS

This game should be interesting. For one, this game could give Carolina, the last team in the NFC that is undefeated, the recognition it deserves. Secondly, this will be the first time former Carolina Panther Greg Hardy faces off with his former team as a Dallas Cowboy.

Finally its important because Dallas needs a win – badly. They are last in the NFC East and need to bounce back after losing seven straight games. Will Cam Newton shine bright going into the Thanksgiving night or will the Cowboys knock the Panthers off the road of unbeaten?

2. Detroit looks for its third straight win in a row this season and on Thanksgiving against the Philadelphia Eagles

Photo by USA Today Sports
Photo by USA Today Sports

Time: November 26 at 12:30p.m.

Channel: Fox

This game could be interesting. Both teams are NOT having the season people predicted they would and are now struggling to make the finish line. Philadelphia is coming off another loss, this time getting absolutely gutted by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

But the Lions are on a bit of a winning streak. First the stopping a long streak as they beat Green Bay in Lambeau, then this week, shutting down the aerial attack of the Oakland Raiders. Detroit comes into this game knowing that next year there will be a culture change in the organization; will a third Thanksgiving Day win be apart of the new foundation for such a thing?

3. Baylor re-ignites its rivalry with Big 12 adversary TCU for week 13 of College Footballbaylor-tcu-playoff-tri

Time: Friday, November 27 at 7:30p.m.

Channel: ESPN

This week of football is one of big importance. First #4 Iowa takes on Nebraska, as Iowa looks to stay undefeated going into the Big Ten Championship. Iowa needs to keep it up as it is the first time they have been in the top five in the country. Nebraska could play spoiler and create chaos in the college football rankings, but will the Hawkeyes take their eye off the ball?

Later, we have the Pac-12 rivalry of Oregon v. Oregon State. Oregon isn’t going to be a big player in the national championship like it usually is, but this game is still important to them. Can the Beavers get a win or will the Ducks keep their webbed foot on the throat of the Beavers?

Finally, we have Baylor v. TCU. Baylor and TCU are both looking for wins to get into a primetime bowl this season. Will Treyvone Boykin return to his former glory or will the Baylor Bears gain their second win against the Horned Frogs?

4. Bedlam takes over the Saturday portion of week 13 of College Football.

Photo by Brett Deering of Getty Images
Photo by Brett Deering of Getty Images

Time: Saturday, November 27 at 8p.m.

Channel: ABC

The Saturday portion of the weekend has some HUGE rivalry games. First Clemson takes on South Carolina. Clemson does not want to waste the opportunity of being #1, and South Carolina could have a great season if they knock off their rival from being in title contention.

Later, Michigan State takes on Penn State in a possible trap game for the Spartans. Michigan State needs to win in order to make it into the Big Ten Championship, as a loss would give the winner of our final event a ticket to Indianapolis. Will Sparty prove they aren’t a fluke team or will the Nittany Lions shock the world?

Finally, we have three big games as the night cap. First, Florida takes on Florida State. Now this game is intriguing because while Florida State can’t make a final four spot, Florida could. If Florida loses, it essentially allows other teams to rise and could have even bigger complications if Florida wins next week.

Next we have Notre Dame taking on Stanford in Palo Alto. Now Notre Dame needs this win because of the fact they aren’t in a conference, therefore they don’t have a conference championship to give them a bigger resume for the College Football Playoff. Stanford has a good resume as well but a win against Notre Dame could move them closer to a New Years Six game.

Finally, we have Bedlham. Now as of right now, Oklahoma St. is the only team that stands in the Sooners way of making the playoff. Oklahoma wins, they are in (or so we think). The Cowboys need a win desperately after being knocked off out of the realm of the unbeaten. Can the loudness of Stillwater prove too much for Oklahoma or will the Sooner outshoot the Cowboys on a Saturday Night?

5. The Game

Photo by Jeff Sainlar of
Photo by Jeff Sainlar of

Time: Saturday, November 27 at 12:00p.m.

Channel: ABC

The Game. The game to end all games. Michigan. Ohio State. Coach Bo. Coach Woody. Jim Harbaugh. Urban Meyer. The greatest rivalry in sports. These two teams are the epitome of polar opposites. They can’t stand each other. They consider a losing season good if they beat the other. This rivalry has produced Super Bowl winning players. Finally this rivalry is one of the spark plugs to the system we have now in the College Football Playoff.

Remember a few years ago when Michigan and Ohio State were ranked 1 and 2 in the country? Everyone assumed after the Ohio State win, that the national championship game would be between the two teams again. Enter the SEC and its hoopla and we arrive at the moment we have now. Now sure we will never see a National Championship game between the two but the last couple of games have been championship worthy.

This year is a whole new animal. Michigan comes with Jim Harbaugh at the helm, looking to lead his alma mater against their hated rival. Ohio State, on the other hand, is looking to win and have Penn State beat Michigan State also so they can go to the Big Ten Championship and possibly contend for a National Championship. But Michigan has its own plans too. If they win and MSU loses they could be on that same path as well. Michigan and Ohio State are going to knock each other down as much as possible until one can no longer stand and as a football fan, I can’t wait to see it happen.

Well those are my five things to watch this week in sports. Come back next week to see more! And be sure to have a safe and joyous Thanksgiving holiday!


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