Sports To Watch Special Edition: UFC 193

Now normally you would get a Sports to Watch article early in the week, telling you about whats going on in the world of sports for the week. But this week we decided to do something different. This Special Edition is about the biggest fight of the year, UFC 193.

This fight is huge, and I don’t mean just the card, the stadium itself, Ethiad Stadium in Melbourne, Australia is one the largest stadiums overseas. Now when it comes to the card, we have three big time match-ups. Our focus today will be an analyzing these three fights and who I think will win. Lets start with a rematch two years in the making.

Mark Hunt (10-10-1) v. Antonio “Bigfoot” Silva (19-7-1)

This fight, in my opinion, will be the fight of the night. The last time these two fought, it was a five round classic, in which both men threw every and a couple of kitchen sinks at each other. This is the kind of fight you only see in superhero movies, where two titans throw punches of steel, until one no longer stands. This time there will be no draw, there will be a decision. From Silva’s standpoint, he comes into the fight more explosive than he has ever been: his movement is a lot quicker, and he is thinking more when he is on the attack. Hunt also comes in more defined, as he seems more light on his feet, which could be from being more serious after losing to Stipe Miocic and Fabricio Werdum .

Prediction: Hunt by KO, Second Round. As much I can see Silva winning this fight, I have to put my money on Hunt. Hunt seems more at ease coming into the fight and if he brings the same mentality he brought into his fight against Roy Nelson, Silva doesn’t stand a chance. That being said, Hunt must go into the “phone booth” with Silva, because he can’t fight him at a distance and hope to win.

Co-Main Event: Joanna Jedrzejczyk (10-0) v. Valerie Letourneau (8-3) UFC Strawweight Championship

Now this fight intrigues me. Back when she won the title, I didn’t think the Joanna Jedzejczyk would actually beat Carla Esparza. But Joanna’s agility, hand speed and brutality won me over as she goes into each fight looking to put a hurting on you. Now the reason I’m calling this fight intriguing is the fact that Valerie Letourneau is a great brawler as well. Her leg kicks are sensational, and while she doesn’t have hands of stone, her jabs are nothing to trifle with. Joanna brings a lot to the table offensively, but if she is caught with a counter, how will she react? I think this fight will amp up the energy in the Ethiad, right before the main event.

Prediction: Jedzejczyk by decision.  I would love to say that she will knock out Letourneau, but I don’t believe she will. This fight be one of pace, especially if Joanna doesn’t knock her out in the first round. Letourneau is going to get a couple of key shots in, but it won’t be enough to sway the judges in her favor, unless she absolutely dominates her for two rounds in a row.

Main Event : Ronda Rousey (12-0) v. Holly Holm (9-0) UFC Bantamweight Championship

Now we are at the main event of the night, and this one is going to be a doozy. Ronda is the most badass fighting competitors in any sport, and everyone knows it. She has it all: brains, beauty, and an arm bar that will make any man cry like a little girl. She has demolished every opponent in her path, and has done so in such merciless fashion. She is the flag bearer of the UFC and our generation’s Ali.

But lets not act as if Holly Holm is a pushover. Holm is a former 19-time boxing champion, and when she transitioned into MMA, she won a majority of her fights using leg kicks. She also trains in a camp that is used to championship fights in Jackson’s MMA, who works with Jon Jones and Carlos Condit. She has more length than Ronda, and while not her equal when it comes to speed, she isn’t a dead mule. She can move around the cage and keep pace with anyone.

Prediction: Rousey. Now here is the part that will amaze you. BY DECISION.  I don’t think Ronda wins this fight cleanly. Sure we all know Ronda Rousey is a beast, but lets not act like Holm isn’t one herself. If Rousey doesn’t finish her in the first round, then Holm is going to stick around. To me, Holm is Ronda’s Alexander Gustaffsson when he went up against Jon Jones. Sure we all knew Jones was going to win, but it was sure a swing away from not being so. Neither of these women are going to walk away the same from this fight, and it will be the nail in the coffin that women’s MMA is not on par with the men.

In closing, this card is monumental in so many ways. First the attendance and the amount of people who will be watching this will be astronomical. Secondly, it further proves how big the UFC is and how small it is making the sport of boxing. Finally, as a man, Im proud to see that women’s sport has come so far in such a short amount of time and to think that a promotion like the UFC would have not one, but two women championship matches on the same card is not just exciting, its revolutionary. This has been Sports To Watch, and like me, I hope you have a good time watching this week in sports.



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