Sports To Watch: November 11 – November 17

Hey everyone! Looking for what to watch this week when it comes to sports? Then this is the place to be as we look at the three things to watch in sports this week!

Now normally, we would break down five things to watch this week, but for this week, we decided to do something special. So for more information, read all the way to the end to see what we  have in store.

This week, we have a Super Bowl rematch, a big time weekend of college football, and some great hockey in store.

1. The New York Giants take on the team they have beaten in the Superbowl, the New England Patriots in Week 9 NFL action.patriots_giants_wide

Time: Sunday, November 15, 2015 and Monday, November 16,2015

Channel: NFL Network, CBS, Fox, NBC, ESPN

We are now in the third quarter of the season, and this is the time when things get hot. This week has some great matchups and is sure to shake things more up than they already are. First, the Minnesota Vikings look to take hold of first in the NFC North with a win against the Oakland Raiders, who are looking to redeem themselves after their loss to the Steelers last week. Will AP and the Vikings claim victory or will they become another victim of the Black Hole of Oakland? On Monday, We have the undefeated Cincinnati Bengals taking on the Houston Texans in an AFC brawl sure to excite. Can Andy Dalton keep the momentum going or will  JJ Watt prove that his talent isn’t being wasted in the Lone Star State? Finally our biggest matchup of the week is the undefeated New England Patriots taking on their Super Bowl rival, the New York Football Giants. The Giants have beaten the Patriots two consecutive meetings in a row, and in the state the Patriots are in, revenge is the first thing they want. Can Tom Brady beat Eli Manning and let that be a spark to the Super Bowl or will Eli get the better of the Patriots yet again?

2. Two Original Six teams do battle this week in the NHLhi-res-184771919-brad-marchand-of-the-boston-bruins-has-words-with_crop_north

Time: Friday, November 13 , Saturday, November 15 and Sunday, November 15

Channel: Fox Sports, Various Local Channels

This week has some very good hockey in store. First the New Jersey Devils travel to Chicago to take on the Blackhawks. Will the Devils prove their worth or will Chicago finally gain a win after a bit of a downward slide. Next we have a canadian rivalry match as the Toronto Maple Leafs take on the Vancouver Canucks in a matchup of possible Stanley Cup porpotions. Finally, we have a Original Six matchup as the Detroit Red Wings take on the Boston Bruins. Can Detroit keep up its winning ways without the services of Pavel Datsyuk or will Boston continue where it left off the last time they met in the playoffs and defeat the Boys of HockeyTown?

Mark D. Smith USA Today Sports
Photo by Mark D. Smith of USA Today Sports

3. The Big 12 tries to take the center stage this week as Baylor takes on Oklahoma

Time: Saturday, November 14

Channel: Fox, ESPN, ESPN2, Big Ten Network, SEC, ABC, NBC

This week started off with a bit of a weird ranking. Notre Dame and Alabama, teams with losses, are in the top four. Iowa is in the top five, and two Big 12 teams, Baylor and Oklahoma State, are ranked below fifth place. So this week, like every other week, will be about proving themselves.  This week, Virginia Tech and Georgia Tech do battle in an ACC rivalry game. Can either get a season-defining win to possibly make a bowl game? Later, in a possible trap game, #2 Alabama takes #17 Mississippi State. Will the Crimson Tide escape with a win or will MSU use the Tide as a stepping stool? Finally, Oklahoma takes on Baylor in a big primetime game. Will Baylor prove that they deserve to be in the top 4, or will Oklahoma be the second team from its state to bring down at top 10 team in its conference?

So you are probably wondering where the last two are. Well, this week we are doing something special. Our last big thing is the UFC 193 PPV, and we are going to break down the biggest matches on the card this Friday, with predictions on who I think will win and what to watch out for. So stay tuned for that and come back next week to see what you should watch in the world of sports.


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