The 2015 College Football Season: The Midway Point

So we are now at the halfway point of the season, and like last time, we are going to talk about each conference and predict the winner of each conference. First, lets start with the SEC.


Analysis: Okay, I’m sorry but how is ANY team in the SEC in the top 5, let alone have two in the top four? No, seriously, how? LSU is number two and Alabama, a team that has a loss on its record, is number three, above not one, but four undefeated teams. As far as I can see it, the CFP( College Football Playoff) Committee is making it to where the SEC has a team in the final four. Lets look at it with a bit of prediction: the winner of the Alabama v. LSU game will be in the top 2. The loser will fall, but will still be in the top 10. The winner of that game, if they lose to anyone in the SEC, will be put in the top five,  and the loser of the Bama v. LSU game will be propped back into the top four. Or they will make the team that beats the Bama v. LSU  a top four team. I’m sorry, but as far as I’m concerned, NO SEC team should be in the top four teams. I used to say this conference is overrated, but this definitely the proof that they are the committee’s favorite.

The Conference Winner: Ole Miss. I’m sorry, but this is the only team I actually somewhat like. They have a great offense and an even greater defense. And seeing how my Lions are looking at the number one draft pick, this team has a couple of players I want.


Analysis: Seven words to describe the ACC. Clemson is good, no one else is.

Conference Winner: Clemson. I’m sorry but no one in this conference is even close to matching them, including the Notre Dame Fighting Irish, who don’t deserve a #5 ranking.

Pac 12

Analysis: Now what I’m worried about when it comes to this conference is who really wants it. Stanford seems like a viable option, but USC and UCLA seem to be like they could win it as well. Arizona and ASU no longer seem like they could win it, and Oregon would be an extreme dark horse if they make a run.

Conference Winner: Stanford. I don’t really see any team making a run to stop them and they should be in the top 5 if they manage to defeat Notre Dame later in the year.

Big 12

Analysis: This conference is probably the one I watch more than the Big Ten. They have great athletes, the games are high-octane and they play good football. TCU, Baylor, and OK State are really good, especially TCU. I think this conference either gets one or two teams in the playoff and if they don’t, then ALOT of people are going to say how rigged the system is.

Conference Winner: TCU. I think TCU is going to win the conference. I would have said Baylor, but that was before their starting quarterback, Seth Russell, went down. TCU might not have the same defense it had last year, but the offense is clicking on a level unlike anyone else.

Big Ten

Analysis: As far as I’m concerned, this conference is a three team race: Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. Michigan, despite losing to MSU, could still make a run to the top if they beat Ohio State, and the same for MSU. Ohio State needs to blow out every team to stay in the top 4, because winning close isn’t going to get them anywhere but lower and lower on the conference rankings are.

Conference Champion: Michigan State (by default). I think Michigan and MSU will beat Ohio State, and by doing so, Michigan will push MSU into the Big Ten Championship.

My Prediction on the Final Four:

1. Clemson

2. TCU

3. Michigan State

4. Stanford



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