Halfway There: Review of the 2015 NFL Season at the Halfway Point of the Season

Whoa, we made it! We are officially at the halfway mark of the season, and a lot has happened over the past eight weeks. In this piece, we are going to look at the top three best teams, the four that are a mystery and the four that are pure disappointments.

The Best

  1. Carolina Panthers: Now a part of me wants to say that the Patriots are the best team in the league right now, but something tells me that Carolina is the top dog. Carolina is the final team in the NFC that is undefeated, and they are doing it despite Cam Newton not having an offensive weapon that was on the team last year. The defense looks more impressive than we have ever seen, and if they can continue to keep this up (especially against Green Bay) they will be the favorite in to make the Super Bowl.
  2. New England Patriots: New England is on a mission. The last thing that the NFL could have done was give the reigning, defending champion a chip on its shoulder to motivate them this season. But you did, and now you have a Tom Brady that is going off on people. A Rob Gronkowoski that is proving that he is the most dominant tight end we have seen in a long time. A defense that is showing that they don’t need Revis Island to be great. This team is an automatic lock for the Super Bowl and it will be a shock if they aren’t there.
  3. Cincinnati Bengals: This team is good. Like really good. I love what I’m seeing from this team, but I don’t know if I can trust them. Hopefully this team can get multiple playoff wins, because with the weapons they have on offense, the defense beasts they have and the guts they have proven so far, they should be great.

The So-So

1. Oakland Raiders: This team looks dangerous. Like seriously, I would have never believed that the Oakland Raiders, a team that has been in the gutter for decades, is actually good. And with the combination of AC/DC (Amari Cooper and Derek Carr), this team could win the division. Not the playoffs, but the division atleast.

2. Minnesota Vikings: The Vikes are annoying me because my team should be in this spot( we will talk about them later). But in all actuality, the Vikings are really good. The Vikings have a really good offense and the defense runs blitzes is one of the best in the league. I hope they make the wild card, but in this conference they could go further than that.

3. Pittsburgh Steelers: I don’t know what to say about this team. One week, they are world beaters and can stand toe-to-toe with any team in the league. Another week, they are one of the weakest teams in the league. Hopefully this team can make it before its too late, but this team finds new ways to confuse their fans on what they are going to be this year.

The Disappointments

  1. Detroit Lions: Yes in order to know you have a problem, you must first address it, and as a Lions fan, they have multiple problems. This team needs a new fire under its belly, and they can address this in next year’s draft. But between the offensive line not working, the defense not making an impact, and the coaching not being good, this team needs to fix it before they return to the same cellar they had residency in.
  2. Baltimore Ravens: If you think Detroit’s problems were bad, go east and we can see the same thing. Baltimore is worst because  they have an okay O-line but nothing on the offensive weapons side, no D-line and injures that are killing the team. I don’t know if John Harbaugh will keep his job after this season.
  3. Philadelphia Eagles: The Eagles picked the worst time to suck. Washington is a mess, Dallas is riddled with injures, and somehow the Giants are ahead in the division. They bring in an all-star running back who isn’t a good fit for the offense. Why did you bring in a north-south back and try to run an east-west run offense? Then you have a quarterback in Sam Bradford that is one of the worst quarterbacks in the NFL that no one wants to bring up. The Eagles are grounded, and the thing keeping them down is them clipping their own wings.

Well this is who are the top dissapointments, so-so teams and dominant teams in the NFL. Lets hope things get more interesting later in the season as we are on the road to Super Bowl 50.


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