The 2015 College Football Preview

So in less than 3 weeks, every football fan will pick a side as the 2015-16 College Football season kicks off. But who will win it all? Here is the JayTezla prediction of 2015 College Football season.

First lets look at the top 10 rankings (as of August 10, 2015)

  1. Ohio St. (Big 10)
  2. TCU (Big 12)
  3. Alabama (SEC)
  4. Baylor (Big 12)
  5. Oregon (Pac-12)
  6. Michigan State (Big 10)
  7. Auburn (SEC)
  8. Florida St. (ACC)
  9. Georgia (SEC)
  10. USC (Pac-12)

From looking at this we see that the SEC isn’t the proverbial favorite to win it all this year, but I’ll get into that a bit later. Now that we have the top 10 rankings, lets look at this by the conference’s, specifically the Power 5 Conferences:


Analysis: The Big Ten is going to be extremely fun to watch. The Eastern division has 4 teams that can win the division, including Michigan who has new life with Jim Harbaugh as its coach, bringing in a bevy of young athletes. Penn State is going to be a dark horse in the BIG Ten as Coach Franklin has a squad that can beat up on anyone in the conference. On the western side of the  division, I expect Northwestern to win the division because out of all of the teams in it, they seem to be the most dangerous.

Team to Watch: Michigan. I know Michigan is coming off the canvas, but don’t be surprised if the maize and blue end up becoming a factor in who is in the Big Ten championship.

Games to Watch: Week 5: Minnesota v. Northwestern, Week 6: Michigan v. Northwestern, Week 7: Michigan v. MSU and Ohio St. v.  Penn St. , Week 10: Penn St. v. Northwestern, Week 12: MSU v. Ohio St., Northwestern v. Wisconsin, Michigan v. Penn St., Week 13: Ohio St. v. Michigan, Penn St. v. MSU

Conference Winner: Ohio St. I hate admitting this, but Ohio St. has a two headed monster at QB and its going to be hard to stop both of these. The only way I can’t see this team winning the Conference championship is if they get shocked at the end of the season by either MSU or Michigan or Northwestern beats them in the championship game. Either way, this team is the reigning king of the Big 10 and it doesn’t look like that is going to change.


Analysis: I don’t see any team from this conference getting to the playoff system no matter what happens. Clemson has a great squad but I don’t see them getting past Florida St., but who knows because of the fact that every five minutes, a player from Florida St. gets in trouble.

Team to Watch: Miami. I get the funny feeling that Miami will be very surprising this season. The team didnt really lose much on both offense and defense, and QB Brad Kaaya is going to make his presence felt in the ACC.

Games to Watch: Week 5: Florida St. v. Miami, Week 9: Clemson v. Florida St.

Conference Champion: Clemson or Miami. Every time I try to figure out who will win the conference, I just can’t find myself caring about who will win. I feel as though this conference will not make the college football playoff, which is a bit sad, because it makes you realize that Jameis Winston somewhat made that division relevant last year. I will say that prediction wise, Clemson seems to be the favorite, but I wouldn’t be surprised if Miami shocks and wins it all.


Analysis: I remember talking to a few friends a while back and telling them that the SEC is as overrated as the word could be. And boy was I right last bowl season. Ole Miss: blown out by TCU. Alabama: ranked number 1, gets beaten by Ohio St. who no one had beating Alabama. I’ll be gently surprised if the SEC makes it into the CFP, but I don’t expect them to cloud the top 10 for a very long time.

Team to Watch: Texas A&M. Texas A&M has two things going for them. The first is while the team didnt do great last year in conference play (3-5), they have a lot of players returning on both sides of the ball and with the pickup of DE Myles Garrett, expect the Aggies to be a major player in the SEC West.

Games to Watch: Week 3: Georgia v. South Carolina and Auburn v. LSU. Week 5: Alabama v. Georgia and Mississippi St. v. Texas A&M. Week 7: Alabama v. Texas A&M. Week 10: LSU v. Alabama and Texas A&M v. Auburn. Week 11: Alabama v. Mississippi St. Week 13: Alabama v. Auburn and Texas A&M v. LSU

Conference Champion: Texas A&M. Like I said earlier, I think a lot of people aren’t going to see the Aggies coming and they had better start looking up. Plus the Aggies should be a lock due to the fact that they play only three road games, one of them being Vanderbilt and they also play a Alabama team that will be coming off a tough game against Arkansas and an LSU team that will have played a inspired Ole Miss squad prior to their regular season finale.

Big 12

Analysis: For the love of god, Big 12, stop being cheap and get a conference championship! The reason you got into the mess you did last year was because of that excuse alone and if you had one, Ohio St. would have moved up, Alabama would have been kicked out( I’m a little biased against seeing the SEC win) and the winner of TCU-Baylor would be in the CFP. But you didn’t do that and seeing how you won’t have that this year I have to predict without a conference game. Thanks.

Back on the teams, the Big 12 is loaded. TCU is the proverbial favorite, and rightfully so. After that drumming of Ole Miss in the Peach Bowl, this team is gunning for more than a conference title this year. But they shouldn’t overlook Baylor, Texas Tech or Oklahoma.

Team to Watch: Oklahoma. I could swap out any team in the top 5 of the Big 12 for this segment but I put the Sooners here because they more than likely will become bigger adversaries to TCU for conference supremacy than Baylor will be. While Baylor lost its star QB to the draft, Oklahoma didn’t and that makes them potent. Expect Baylor to take a bit of a step back while Oklahoma move forward.

Games to Watch: Week 4: Oklahoma v. West Virginia and TCU v. Texas Tech. Week 10: Oklahoma v. Baylor. Week 11: TCU v. Baylor and Oklahoma v. Oklahoma St.

Conference Champion: TCU. Despite this conference not having a conference championship game, this conference was won before a football has even been snapped. TCU, despite their losses on defense, which included star linebacker Paul Dawson, seems to be stronger, as evidenced during their spring game. I expect TCU to go through the season undefeated if the defense we saw in the Peach Bowl last January shows up for 12 games this season.


Analysis: This conference is legitimately interesting. On one side you have reigning champion Oregon who is not only coming off a disappointing National Championship performance against Ohio State, but lost major pieces on both sides of the ball to the NFL Draft. Another side is wondering, who is good enough to separate themselves from the crowded Pac-12 and not only challenge the ducks, but beat them?

Team to Watch: USC. A part of me feels wearing saying that USC will be a big mover in the Pac-12, but looking at it, they should be. They play a murder’s row of games after week three, but those are games that they can win, especially with that defense.

Games to Watch:  Week 3: Stanford v USC. Week 4: UCLA v. Arizona. Week 7: Stanford v. UCLA. Week 10: Arizona v. USC. Week 11: Oregon v. Stanford. Week 12: Arizona v. Arizona St. and Oregon v. USC. Week 13: USC v. UCLA.

Conference Champion: USC. I think that the week 11 game is going to be the defining moment for USC. The team has a relatively weak schedule, with Stanford, Arizona, Oregon, Notre Dame and the Battle for LA being their only real competition. The Trojans should cost to either a undefeated record or atleast a record with only one loss.

The Playoff 

I think when it comes to the playoff you will  see these 4 teams: USC, Ohio St., TCU and Texas A&M. Out of all of those teams, I see TCU being the team that knocks off Ohio St. to win the national championship.

So those are my predictions, what are yours? Leave your thoughts and comments down below.


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